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Official name: The Island of Majorca (in spain: "Mallorca") (is. "Mallorca", Spain);

Country: Spain;

Another name: "Mallorca";

Capital: Palma de Mallorca;

Geographical position: belongs to the Balearic Archipelago located in the Mediterranean Sea;

Area of Majorca: 3640.16 km. sq.;

Climate of Majorca: Mediterranean;

Population: 777,821 people;

Ethnic groups: Catalans - 67.5%, Spaniards (Castilians), Basques, Galicians, Navarrese, Roma ;

Official language: Spanish;

Religion: Roman Catholic;

Currency: Euro (EUR, code 978);

Internet domain: .es;

Phone code: +34-971;

Time zone: +1 зимой (+2 летом).


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Flag of Majorca


Map of Majorca


Coat of arms of Majorca


General information about Majorca

Majorca (Mallorca) - it is one of the largest islands of Balearics and has one of the best developed tourism infrastructure. Thanks to the warm Mediterranean climate, Mallorca can be considered a paradise where you can relax all year round. Every year, more than 12 million tourists mainly from cold countries such as Germany, Spain, England, France, Switzerland or Scandinavia come here to enjoy eternal summer. 

Majorca Majorca Majorca


The geographical position of Mallorca

Majorca (Mallorca) is an island located in the western part of the Mediterranean Sea and belongs to Spain. Mallorca, as well as Ibiza, Formentera and Minorca belong to the Balearic archipelago. Being in Mallorca, you can easily visit Spain, because it is only 80 km away. The island has area of 3640 sq km, the coastline - 555 km. The Population is about 475,000. If you choose this island for tourism destination, do not forget to take a Spanish or Catalonian dictionary. The capital has very romantic name - Palma de Majorca (Spanish: Palma de Mallorca).




Photos of Majorca

Majorca Majorca Majorca

Climate of Mallorca

Majorca is one of the most famous VIP resorts in the World. Mallorca is a place where you truly understand the taste of life. The highlight of the island is 300 days of bright and gentle sun. From May to October, the average temperature is about 22 to 29 C; sea temperature is about 20 C.


Flora and fauna of Mallorca

The island is occupied by the mountain range of Sierra de Tramuntana and the highest point of it is Puig Major (1,445 m). If you want to see Majorca in all its beauty, so you should climb the Puig Major and enjoy the panoramic views of the island.
In this mountainous region, you can see the real, ancient Mallorca, with its amazing and lovely streets, with its great atmosphere ... Valldemossa, Deya, Sawyer, Alar, Puchpunient, Calvi - are the places where the blossom of  olive, almond and orange trees attract tourists from all over the world.
It should be noted that Majorca is famous for its Almonds. This tree has become a symbol of Majorca. Mallorca Island has the highest production of almonds in Spain.

Majorca Majorca Majorca


History of Majorca 

The history of this wonderful island is full of incredible events and a variety of rulers. Once, Quint Tsetsely built a port in Palma de Mallorca, that time it belonged to Tarrakon Spain. Later, Mallorca was played historical ping-pong with: since 902, the island became the property of the Arabs, and in 1229, Mallorca was conquered by Aragonese, the troops of King Jaime the Conqueror. The main evident of all these events was the cathedral on the island - Catedral de Santa Maria. The construction of this wonderful cathedral began in 1231, during the reign of King James II and had been lasting for 100 years. It is interesting to note that the world-famous architect Antoni Gaudi took part in restoration works in the early twentieth century.


Culture of Mallorca 

Majorcan culture is quite similar to Spanish. This is not surprising, since the island is owned by the state Spain. The main symbol of Majorca is Almond tree. Some tourists come in the period from the end of February to March, in order to see the flowering almonds in blossom. It is a truly a beautiful view. White flowers densely cover the almond trees and create the impression of snow-covered trees.

Where to go
  1. Palma de Mallorca — is not only the capital of Mallorca, but also the capital of the Balearic Archipelago. It is famous for its port which is considered one of the finest in the world, according to its beauties at the same level as the Gulf of Naples. It's a very beautiful subtropical city. Being in Mallorca, be sure to visit the island's capital - Palma de Mallorca. Everyone will find here something interesting. Maury Lane is the central street and always full of tourists. After all, it has kept Authenticity since the time of the reign of Jaume II. After looking around and taking pictures you can go to the oldest church of St. Eulalia.
    Also you should visit the Cathedral, which was built in 1230 and the round castle - Bellver.
    If you want to see the clean, turquoise water and to lie on the white sand, you should walk a serpentine mountain road to get to La Calobra - heavenly beauty bay.
    Если вы всегда мечтали увидеть чистую-чистую воду, цвета бирюзы и полежать на белом и шелковом песке, то вам следует пройтись серпантинной горной дорогой и попасть в Ла Калобру — неземной красоты бухту.
  2. If you are looking for a truly paradise, then go straight to the village Fornaluch. It is the place of blooming oranges which grow in front of the mountain Puig Major. Cozy cafes, nice restaurants, walking under the orange trees ... Will give you true happiness...
  3. Port de Pollensa – the lively and noisy (in the good meaning of the word) city. The centre is located near Kaplonch Plaza, which is surrounded by many restaurants, shops and entertainment centers. You can also visit the Church of the Virgin Mary. It is very  interesting and useful to visit the market, where you can buy the various fruits, vegetables, fish and clothes.
  4. Deya - it is a small village with a population of 500 people. But it is not just a small village - it is a cultural center, the core of art. The great artists, composers and sculptors lived and created there.  Dei is especially loved by the rich people who buy here summer houses. The place is so beautiful that it can be called as a "a piece of paradise". Here you can admire the bohemian style which attracts with its s luxuries. Being in Deyu you should visit one of the famous restaurants (Sebastian, Es Raco de's Teix, Sa Vinya, El Olivo), where the delicacies are served.
  5. Cala d'Or is an ideal destination for families. Beaches are shielded with pine trees, which do not let a stray breeze to break through and make a storm on the coast. After a good rest on the beach, you can walk in the centre, where it is always crowded and fun. There are many restaurants and entertainments both for adults and children there. For sport active tourists Cala d’Or can offer horse riding or tennis.
    Some beaches of the town are awarded with the "Blue Flag" sign (for cleanest costal water) for example the beach of Cala Gran. The beaches of Cala d'Or are equipped with all conditions: umbrellas, sun beds, showers, changing rooms, bars with shakes and fruit. There are three districts in Cala d'Or, which are connected with non-stop tourist train.
  6. Valldemossa - the village where the famous Carthusian monastery located.  Once it belonged to the king Sansa. Later, the king's palace was given to the Carthusian monastic order, which has rebuilt it to the image we can see nowadays. It is one of the most famous sights of Mallorca.
    The village of Valldemossa is famous not only for its monastery, which is used as a museum now, but also for the fact that such famous writer as George Sand and incredible composer Chopin liked to visit it. As you can see, famous and rich people have chosen Mallorca for their holiday destinations.
  7. The village Bansyalbufar is located to the North of Valldemossa. It is famous for its ancient terraced fields (they were cultivated by Arabs). So, if you are looking for good gifts, we recommend you to visit the shops in Bansyalbufare which have a wide range of ceramic products: a variety of toys, jugs, plates, sculptures…
  8. If you're relaxing with friends and want to hang out, and then go to the Maggaluf - youth resort of Mallorca. It is a place of round the clock partying, fun and dancing.
Majorca Majorca Majorca
Majorca Majorca Majorca


What to do in Mallorca

If you ask what to do on the island, there is only one answer – to relax! You can rest here the way you like: to lie on the snow-white yacht and enjoy sea breeze and wonderful views, to play tennis on the court or golf.  Of course Mallorca is a great place for water activity: diving, water parks, carousels, and   for those who prefer passive beach holidays - clear sea and warm sand all year round.

  • Windsurfing:
    If you belong to a group of people who love extreme water activities, then go to the North of Majorca for windsurfing. The Season starts at the period from July to August.
  • Diving:
    There is a big choice of diving schools and centers on the island. The professional trainers will teach you how to dive, swim and breathe underwater. The diving experience in the costal waters is unforgettable. The underwater world is magnificent: shipwrecks, coral, delicious fish.
  • Yachting:
    Yachting belongs to the enjoyable but expensive activities. You can rent a yacht for a day or a week.  You can rent the sea beauty in the port of Palma or on the web sites of the Viva Yachting, Sail in Mallorca and Yacht Charter Guide.
  • Amusement parks and night clubs :
    If you have holidays with family or friends we recommend you to visit different amusement parks. For example, such as: Palma Aquarium, Jungle Park, Safari-Zoo, Aqualand el Arenal, Hidropark Alcudia. Well, for single people or couples without kids, we recommend to visit the famous and legendary Ibiza - a place where there is always a holiday! This is where you can dance to the disco music of the world-class DJ's and try a lot of different and delicious cocktails. One of the most famous clubs of Ibiza is Titos, also good are Puro Beach, Abraxas and BCM.

Majorca Majorca Majorca


Cuisine of Majorca

If you like Catalonian, Moorish and Mediterranean cuisine, we invite you to try a mix of these dishes, because the cuisine of Majorca is based on ingredients of these three world-famous cuisines.  
The main dishes on the island are - stew pork with vegetables, poultry and seafood. Spanish people are big lovers of spicy pork sausage and sobrasady (paprika). The traditional dessert is the foliations ensaymada, and after you can try liqueurs on various herbs and nuts.
Every tourist should try el Frito Mallorquin (roast lamb), Lomo con Col (pork and cabbage), Lechona al Horno (roasted pig), Sopes Mallorquinas (vegetable soup with meat and mushrooms), and if you are willing to try something very interesting, you should pay your attention to los Caracoles (snails). After lunch or dinner take Gatos (almond ice cream cake).
Mallorcan wine Binissalem and Felanitch is perfect choice for a romantical dinner. Also on the beach, in the period between swimming and sunbathing, treat yourself with a glass of sangria - very tasty and cool drink.
Tapas bars are good places for lunch. They have a big choice of different appetizers for wine, beer and sherry.
In order to help you with choice, all restaurants (there were more than 2400 restaurants in 2005) hang to the windows the number of stars (in form of forks), prices and menus. It is believed that the best restaurants are located in the provinces of Mallorca Soller, Port Andraks and Pollensa.


Majorca Majorca Majorca


What to buy in Mallorca Well what a vacation without shopping? Especially for women. Because so many friends and relatives are looking forward to gifts! A great gift is a pearl necklace. There is a pearl factory Majorica on the island, which is world famous. Pearls are so special, in fact, the prices of products start from $ 10 up to 1000, and the most important fact- paying a lot of money for the favorite decoration you can be sure that at least for the next ten   years it will  not lose its  original beauty.
You can also buy traditional Majorcan whistles, clay figurines, plates, which will be a great decoration for your interior.

Majorca Majorca Majorca


Interesting Facts

  1. Between Mallorca and Menorca fishermen catch flying mongoose;
  2. Once Greeks   gave an interesting name to Mallorca - Garlic Island;
  3. In Majorca Romans cultivated vines, Arabs - olives, oranges, almonds, lemons, rice, saffron, and the Spaniards brought tomatoes, peppers and potatoes. These all has contributed to the development of this beautiful island;
  4. Once the fish dishes were unpopular, because the fishermen were afraid to fish because of pirates and storms. And instead of the seafood people ate much pork;
  5. At Cape Blanco, you can see a great number of turtles; it's their favorite place;
  6. Majorca has the "Golden Valley", which was named so because of the orange and lemon plantations, which make the effect of gold.




Mallorca, as we can see, is a unique and interesting place for the perfect holidays. It has everything what your heart desires: sport activities, beaches, sea, architecture, museums and ancient buildings. We are sure that those who once visited Mallorca will keep in mind the sweet memories for a long time and wish to come back again and again.
Majorca Majorca Majorca
Majorca Majorca Majorca

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