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Official name of Finland: "The Republic of Finland";

Geographical Location: Northern Europe;

Area of Finland: 304 086 square kilometers;

Capital of Finland: Helsinkiи;

Administrative divisions: 24 provinces (Wilaya);

Climate of Finland: moderate;

The biggest cities of Finland: Helsinki, Espoo, Tampere, Vantaa, Turku;

Population of Finland: 5 million persons;

Ethnic groups of Finland: 90% - the Finns, 5.4% - the Swedes, 0.97% - Russian;

Language in Finland: Finnish and Swedish;

Religion in Finland: 90% - Evangelical Lutherans, 10% - Orthodox, Baptists, Methodists, Catholics and Muslims;

Currency in Finland: Euro (EUR, code 978);

Internet domain of Finland: .fi , .ax (для Аландских островов);

Phone code of Finland: +358; 

Local time of Finland: UTC +2, +3 (in summer).


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Flag of Finland 


Map of Finland


Coat of arms of Finland 


Information about Finland

Finland is a country of thousand lakes and the birthplace of Santa Claus. The unique climate and wild northern nature attracts many tourists. Tours to Finland are popular all year round. In summer you can enjoy camping and fishing, and in winter - skiing. One of the most exotic and popular destinations in Finland is Lapland, the home of Santa Claus. Eastern Finland is the best place for ecotourism. There are picturesque hills, rivers, lakes and forests there.The Baltic Sea coast is the perfect place for family summer beach holiday. Central Finland and the Lake District are the best places for recreation, both in summer and winter. Excellent ski resorts are located in Levi, Rukk, Yullasa and Vuokatti. Helsinki, Turku and Tampere are famous for its interesting architecture.


Finland Finland Finland


The geography and topography of Finland 

The country is situated in Scandinavia in northern Europe. Finland is bordered with Sweden, Norway and Russia. It is washed by the Gulf of Bothnia and Finland Gulf of Baltic Sea. It also includes 230 000 Islands of Baltic Gulf. 10% of the territory is covered by lakes and swamps, 65% are taken by forests (primarily coniferous)  and tundra in the north. Finland is a hilly and flat country. The highest point is Mount Haltia (1328 m), which is located in the far North. In Finland, there are 188 000 lakes, the largest of them is Lake Saimaa (1377 sq. km. Km.). The deepest is Paijanne (95 meters).




Photos of Finland

Finland Finland Finland
Finland Finland Finland


The climate of Finland 

The climate of Finland is moderate. Summer is warm (15 to 20 C), and winter, which lasts from November to March is very cold (-20 to -30 C). In the South snow cover lies 5 months, and in Lapland - more than seven (melts in the second half of May). The ideal time for winter sports in Finland - is the period from December to March. It is worth seeing the polar day ("Utsjoki") in midsummer, it is day when the sun shines 19 hours a day, and in the winter – polar night ("Kaamos").


Flora and Fauna 

Almost three quarters of Finland is covered by forests - mainly conifers. In Finland there are about 1,200 species of trees and ferns, and about 1000 species of lichen. Spruce, pine and birch grow mainly in the southwest of the country. In Lapland - dwarf birch. Fauna of Finland is not very rich. The forests are inhabited by elk, squirrel, rabbit, fox, otter, and is more rare - a Russian Desman. Bear, wolf and lynx are found only in the eastern regions. In the country there are about 250 species of birds, including black grouse, hazel grouse, and partridge. The rivers and lakes are full of salmon, trout, whitefish, coregonus, perch, walleye and pike, the Baltic Sea - Baltic herring. In Finland there are 35 national parks where rare and valuable species of animals and plants live. The largest national parks are: Lemmenyoki, Pallas - Ounastunturi and Oulanka.

Finland Finland Finland
Finland Finland Finland
Finland Finland Finland
Finland Finland Finland


History of Finland 

According to archaeological data the first settlements in the territory of the modern Finland appeared  about 10,000 years ago. The most numerous groups were sum (Suomi), Em and Western Karelians. These were nomadic tribes of hunters and fishermen, which are considered the ancestors of the Finnish people. The state "Esterlandiya» was formed in the 12th century. Finns constantly robed the neighboring areas of Sweden, so Sweden organized the Crusades (1157, 1250, and 1293) against them, which resulted the capture of the country and the convention of the finish Gentiles - to Christianity. As a result of the Northern War between Sweden and Russia in 1700, the territory of Finland became an autonomous part of Russia. After the October Revolution of 1917 Finns declared independence. In 1939, Soviet troops seized in Finland. Hoping for independence, Finland joined the German army in the Second World War. In 1947 between Finland and the USSR an agreement was signed according to it the part of the Finland was joined to USSR and Finland paid $ 300 million to the Soviet Union. Since 1 January 1995, Finland has been a member of the European Union.


Culture of Finland 

The Finns are known for their calmness and slowness , but at the same time they are very punctual. It is considered a bad tone to be late for meeting. Never make visit without an invitation. The Finns are very patriotic, to any imported product, they always prefer national product. Finnish people love celebrations. The most popular and colorful festival of the country is Yuhannes (20 - 24 June) - it is the longest day of the year. On this day people gather around bonfires "cocci" and many song and folk festivals are holding on these days. Every year from September to August there is a music festival of classical, rock and jazz music as well as theatrical performances and art exhibitions. During the polar night there is a festival "Power of Light", which is famous for its unique light and music show. In July and August there is International Opera Festival in Savonlinna. In July, in Iisalmi there is a beer festival, and in Kotka in July - August - Maritime Festival. Also in Mikkeli annual Women's Ski Race (10 km ski competition) "Savona - Skiing-Reis" are holding.
Talking about the modern culture, it should be noted that Rock music style is progressively developed in Finland. There are even cases when the well-known political figures of the state support this trend in music. Among the world-famous rock bands can be identified such famous Finnish groups as: HIM, Apocalyptica, Lordi, Nightwish, Stratovarius, Amorphis, The Rasmus, Dreamtale and many others.




Where to go in Finland
- Helsinki is the capital of Finland. It is asmall cozy town. The town is built on peninsulas and islands of the Baltic coastline. Almost 25% of the area is occupied by the city parks. There are no tall buildings, and the market square in the middle of the city is still surrounded by the architecture of the 19th century. In Helsinki, there are several excellent museums, beautiful churches, parks, opera, historic sites, among which the sea fortress of Suomenlinna. We also recommend you to visit the Church of Temppelinaukio or Snow Church, or Church in the rock. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that it has been carved in the granite rock.
- Kotka is one of the oldest cities in Finland (85 km from Helsinki). Visit the historic seaports: Fort of Fame on the island Kukouri and Fort Elizabeth, as well as castle in Rochensalm. Then you can relax on the beautiful beach or go fishing.
- Tampere - tourists are attracted by mountain chine Pyuyunikin Harju, from where you can enjoy the stunning views.
- Turku - is the former capital of Finland. In Turku there are many museums. The medieval Castle of Turku and Cathedral Tuomiokirkko belong to the most valuable monuments in Finland.
Turku is also called the city of Christmas. Each year, Santa reigns in city for a few weeks and proclaims the Declaration of Christmas Peace.
Turku is also perfect in summer and at that time a large number of festivals, including festivals of rock music and chamber music are holding there. On a cruise you can get to the nearby archipelago in Naantali, located 19 km from Turku. In this medieval city the Finnish dreamland Mumm-trolls is located.
- Porvoo is a popular tourism destination. Kings, priests, and wealthy citizens, artists and pilgrims traveled on the Royal Road from Turku to Porvoo, and further - to Vyborg and St. Petersburg. Since XIV century it has been attracting many tourists from around the world. The most popular and frequently visited tourist attraction in Porvoo is beautiful old town and cathedral. Old Porvoo is famous for its narrow streets and houses of screw-brick color on the coast.
- Derivations - the capital of Lapland and the home of Santa Claus. The most interesting attraction is the Christmas theme park, "Santa Park" bridge Yatkyankyuntillya with glowing lights on it and Arktikum - Museum of Lapland.
- Rauma is the sea port city. It has 600 ancient buildings, among which the stone Church of the Holy Trinity.
- Naantali - this is one of the most prestigious resorts in Finland. There you can find many conditions for VIP-tourism.



What to do in Finland - Winter sports:
The long winter provides an opportunity to enjoy winter sports from October to late May. There are about 140 winter resorts. The most popular winter sports include skiing, snowboarding, ice skating, sleigh rides and snowmobile. The most popular centers of winter tourism are Himos, Takho, Laavuori, Vuokatti and Rukka. The best water parks are located near the ski resorts of Kuopio, Jyvaskyla, Kuusamo Levi, Saariselka, Vuokatti. Having skied you can immediately jump into the warm water of pool, ride a roller coaster or sweat in the sauna.
- Eco-tourism:
Finland is proud of its beautiful scenery. Throughout the country there are 30 national parks with tourist routs. Lakes and rivers are full of various fish. In Lapland, one can visit the Sami, reindeer farms where you can enjoy the hospitality of locals, as well as to learn more about Sami culture and life.
- Health and Beauty Wellness:
The best place for health tourism in Finland is the resort of Nantali. The mild climate and warm sea create the perfect conditions for relaxation. The resort is recommended for people with respiratory and cardiovascular diseases.

Finland Finland Finland
Finland Finland Finland


Cuisine of Finland


Potatoes, meat, fish and milk - these are the ingredients of traditional Finnish cuisine. The western (French) and eastern (Russian) culinary traditions have had a big influence on the local cuisine. The fish dishes of salmon, rainbow trout, whitefish, pike perch, as well as varieties of small cod – muikku are very popular. Lobster (Finnish specialty) is available from July to August. Of the meat dishes we recommend to try reindeer meat, roasted on the fire. As for desserts, take northern fruits and berries: cranberries and blueberries. Bakery goods are very popular. A list of the most popular dishes:

1) Graavi lohi - rainbow trout in its own juices;
2) Rosolli - Herring Salad;
3) Mati - caviar of freshwater fish, very tasty, small, yellow or orange.
4) Soups Kalakeitto;
5) Fish Soup Lohikeitto;
6) Salmon soup ( prepared with milk, potatoes and onions);
7) Karjalanpaisti - Karelian meat in a pot,  beef, lamb and pork;
8) Poronkaristys - thin slices of dried venison;
9) Poronpaisti - roast venison;
10) Krjalan piirakat - Karelian pies, rye dough stuffed with rice or mashed potatoes.


Finland Finland Finland
Finland Finland Finland


 What to buy in Finland

- The Mummy - trolls (soft toys, cards, mugs, pillows, thermometers);
- Finnish Fazer chocolate ("Fazer") (Finns believe that this is the best chocolate in the world);
- Good coffee (in spite the fact that coffee does not grow in Finland, but the price and quality of it is excellent here);
- Fink ("Puukko") - Finnish knife. This is a stylish, durable and practical knife.
- Wooden handmade mug: "Kuksa".
- Wines of gooseberry, rhubarb, white, yellow or green currants.

Finland Finland Finland


Interesting Facts about Finland

1) Finland is a country that consumes the most coffee per person (14 kg per year per person).
2) The Finnish tap water is of the highest quality and you can drink it throughout the country.
3) Santa Claus (Joulupukki) lives in Lapland, in Korvatunturi, where he has his house and post office.
4) Joulupukki (Santa Claus) is translated as a Christmas goat. The name is connected with an old Finnish tradition, when people dressed for Christmas in a goat costume.
5) Among the CIS countries, it is believed that "Lapland" - is the birthplace of Santa Claus.
6) On the streets of northern cities in Finland sometimes you can see deer.
7) In some cities you can find hares which are not afraid of people.
8) In Finland, you can see the Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis.
9) In average there is one sauna for three people in Finland.
10) Nokia - is a Finnish company founded in 1865 on the banks of the river (Nokianvirta) in the small Finnish town of Nokia.
11) Finland - is the only country where the national currency had appeared before independence.
12) In Finland there is an international competition on playing air guitar. Scores for the artistry and craftsmanship.
13) In Finland, taxes are proportionate to salaries. The biggest tax is 52%.



Finland is a country which is located in Northern Europe. When we think of Finland, we imagine the calm and restraint residents, thousands of lakes, ice houses, fishing, reindeer and Santa Claus. The unique climate and wild northern nature attracts many tourists. Tours to Finland are popular all year round. Summer is a great time for family outdoor recreation or fishing. In summer the Finnish Forests are full of strawberries, blueberries and cranberries. More than a thousand lakes and rivers attract anglers. It is good in Finland in summer, but even better in winter. Especially popular tourism destination is Lapland, the northernmost region of Finland, where Santa Claus or Joulupukki lives. The dream of millions children around the world is to visit Santa Claus on Christmas holiday. To popular winter sports belong skiing, riding a dog, reindeer safaris and moto-sledging. And, of course, to see the northern lights, polar day, or through the polar night - only for this it is worth visiting the country of Suomi.

Finland Finland Finland
Finland Finland Finland

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