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Official name: Kingdom of Thailand

Capital: Bangkok 

Administrative divisions: 73 changvata (provinces) 

Area: 513,115 km. square. 

Geographical position: South-East Asia 

Climate: tropical monsoon

Population: 66 million 

Ethnic groups: Thai (75%), Chinese (14%), Malay, Khmer, Lao and Indian

Language: Thai

Religion: Buddhist (95%), Muslim (4%), Christians and Hindus

Form of government: constitutional monarchy

Currency: Thai baht ($ 1 = 30 baht)

Telephone code: 8-10-66

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Flag of Thailand


Map of Thailand


Coat of arms of Thailand


Information about Thailand


Thailand is a country of vivid impressions and relaxation. A country which attracts tourists with its mild climate, paradise beaches, numerous attractions, exotic cuisine, friendly people, good service and lots of entertainment. 

Thailand Thailand Thailand


The geographical location of Thailand

The country is located in South-East of Asia in Indochina and on the Malay Peninsula. It is washed by the Gulf of Siam in the South and by the Andaman Sea in the South-West. It has land borders with Malaysia in the South, with Myanmar (Burma) in the West and North-West, with Laos in the North-East and East, with Cambodia – in the South-East.

More than half of the territory is lowland, mountains are located in the North and West. Plateau Korat is located in the eastern part. Forests and grasslands occupy about 25% of the territory. Big Rivers are Menam Chao Phraya and Mekong


Thailand Thailand Thailand


History of Thailand

History of Thailand has many mysterious. There is no exact information about the origin of Thai people. Some scientists believe that about 5,000 years ago the ancient civilizations lived in the Mekong valley. In the 16th century the migration of Thais from southern China started as a result state Sukhothai was established. It had been existing for about 150 years and then joined the more powerful Ayutthaya. At that time, ancient Ayutthaya was a highly developed country and had strong diplomatic and trade relations with Europeans. Constant wars with its neighbors – the Khmer empire and the kingdom of Burma caused that in 1767 the Burma army put Ayutiyu into fire. The ruler of new Siam was General Pya Chakri (Rama V). That's when Bangkok became the capital. It was the most successful government in the history of Thailand, Pya Chakri is also known in history as Rama the Great. In the 19th century a process of colonization embraced South-West Asia: Cambodia and Laos were invaded by France, and part of India and Burma – by England. But thanks to the wisdom of the rulers and their diplomatic abilities Siam escaped colonization. With Britain and France were signed trade agreements: Rice, precious teak wood and rubber were exported from Siam, and industrial goods were imported. In 1939 Siam was renamed into Thailand and proclaimed as constitutional monarchy. In 1976 the military came to power. Nowadays, Thailand is a democratic monarchy.


Flora and Fauna of Thailand

25% of the territory is occupied by forests, which are divided into monsoon (deciduous) and tropical (jungle). Monsoon forests dominate in the West, rainforests - in the South and South-East. Teak is common for the monsoon forests. Pandanus, liana, bamboo and various palm trees grow in tropical forests. Mangroves, acacia and eucalyptus trees are spreading in costal areas. Thailand boasts the large number of orchids (about 27 000 varieties).

Among the water plants we should mention lotus. This plant is sacred to Hindus as well as for the Buddhists.

The largest representatives of the fauna are, of course, the elephants. Unfortunately, in recent years its population has declined much. In Thailand, there are about 1,000 elephants which are under the protection of national parks and nature reserves. Among the predators can be noted tigers, panthers, leopards, wolves, jackals and mongooses. Near water one can meet tapirs, and in the Western regions rare species of Bengal cat and jungle cat can be seen. Monkeys and bats are spreading everywhere. There are many snakes (60 species), including python. There are also many crocodiles, lizards, turtles and the unique fish. Very interesting fish is "anabas flying", which can breathe both in water and on land, and even climb trees. There are 900 species of birds. Among them are pelicans, ducks, peacocks, parrots, storks, ibises and cranes. To watch the birds, visit the Khao Sok national park (Khao Sok) and Sam Roi Yot (Sam Roi Yot), where you can find 6 types of hornbills.

Thailand Thailand Thailand
Thailand Thailand Thailand


The climate of Thailand

The climate of Thailand is tropical monsoon. Year is divided into three periods: summer (March-May), the rainy season with big number of sunny days (June-September), cool season (October-February). The average annual temperature is 25 C, in April and May it can be 40 C in shade. The best time for visiting is a period from October to April. 


Where to go in Thailand

  • Bangkok is the capital and the largest city of Thailand. The modernity and antiquity are mixed together. Majestic skyscrapers and ancient Buddhist temples live side by side. To the sights belong – the Temple of the Emerald Buddha, Temple of Dawn, the Temple of lying Buddha and the Temple of Golden Hill. Visit the museum, which exhibits the richest and most unusual masterpieces of Asian art and sculpture. The best way to see and feel the spirit of the capital is taking a tour by express train, through its windows you can see all the luster of this sparkling city. Bangkok is famous for its nightlife.
  • Rose Garden (1 hour drive from Bangkok). If you want to get away from civilization, then visit the Rose Garden. It is a tropical country park. There is the Thai Village nearby, where you can get closer to the culture of Thais. You can take part in the wedding ceremony, folk dancing and visit buddism dedication and elephant show.
  • Nakhon Pathon – a sacred place, it is connected with the birth of Buddhism on Thai land around 2,300 years ago. Now there is the highest monument of Buddha (130 feet) at this place.
  • Ayutthaya – the former capital. Now only the ruins of temples, destroyed palaces and fortresses evidence of its heroical past. Phra Buddha Bat is the ark of the Buddha's footprint. Footprint is a small pond, big foot shaped. The water in it is known for its healing properties.
  • National Park Khao YaiThailand's largest park (540 000 acres). On its territory you can find deer, bears, tigers and elephants. Tropical plants, waterfalls and a variety of birds create the conditions for beautiful walks.
  • Phitsanulok (60 km. From Sukotoya) is famous for the Buddha statue, from 1357.
  • Lampang is famous for its ancient temples and the largest in Thailand, elephant reserve.
  • Chiang Mai is a city, famous for its handicrafts enterprises: umbrellas, silks, precious stones, gold and silver. It is the best place for shopping.
  • Nan - a city of the annual boat races. The city has several historic temples; the most famous among them is the Temple Phumin.
  • Nakhon Ratchasima –There is a stone church castle, built in the style of classical Khmer architecture nearby. The complex is surrounded by stone walls, the length of which reaches 250-280 meters.
  • Ubon Ratchathani is famous among the tourists with its Festival of Candles.
  • Pattaya - a seaside resort of the world class.
  • Bang Sare (30 minutes from Pattaya) - a fishing village where you can organize fishing for sharks, marlin, tuna and other kind of fishes.
  • Samet Island is surrounded by coral reefs, beautiful beaches and clear water is ideal for swimming, snorkeling and fishing.
  • Trat - attracts tourists with the national marine park of Koh Chang, which is located on 52 islands.
  • Ranong – a famous resort with geothermal springs.
  • Narathiwat – visit Ba Cho Waterfall, and the sitting Buddha statue in the temple of Khao Kong. The city is also famous for its nightlife.
  • PhuketThailand's largest island. It is the seaside resort of the world class. It can boast the clean beaches, romantic coves and delicious seafood.  
Thailand Thailand Thailand
Thailand Thailand Thailand


What to do in Thailand

  1. Beaches. Warm water and soft sand create excellent conditions for beach relaxation. Pattaya is the most famous beach resort. The island of Samet, resorts Chaam and Hua Hin belong to the best beaches resorts in Thailand. Phang Nga bay is known for its wonderful marine views and wild nature. Near the bay there are 3500 scattered small islands, so you can feel yourself as Robinson Crusoe.
  2. Diving and snorking. 2720 km coast of Thailand gives great possibilities for scuba diving and snorkeling. Two of the biggest diving centers are located in Pattaya. Phuket Island is surrounded by beautiful coral reef. Similan, Surin, Fa-Ngan and Koh Tao are also popular among divers. Cruise diving enjoys big success among tourists.
  3. Meditation. Meditation – is a cleaning of body and soul. There are many temples and meditation centers in Thailand. Education and accommodation is usually free, but voluntary offerings are welcome. For the purpose of meditation, visit the temples Suan Mok, Mahathat, Pak Nam, Chonprathan Ringsin and Bovone Nivet.
  4. Hiking. Take two or six day trip to the wooded mountains and meadows at the foot of the Himalayas. During the tour you'll visit the isolated villages, where you see the traditions and customs of the Tibetan peoples.
  5. Visit the crocodile farm. The biggest crocodile farm is situated in the town of Samutprakarn, 10 km from Bangkok. 60 000 crocodiles of various species are represented here. Enjoy an exciting show with crocodiles and tame elephants. You can also take a ride on elephants and camels in park. If you are get hungry, numerous cafes offer local delicacy - dishes from crocodile meat. In special stores buy souvenirs from crocodile skin, without fear of being cheated.
  6. Visiting snake farms. In Thailand, there are two snake farms - in Bangkok and Pattaya. Their primary goal was to study the properties of snake poison and production of medicine against it. On the farm you will be met by the friendly staff who will make excursion in English. You will see the chilling show of snakes. Also on the farm you can buy drugs which are made on the basis of snake poison.
  7. Nightlife. It's no secret that Thailand attracts tourists from all over the world with its nightlife, which is diverse and multifaceted. The term "sex tourism" is used more and more often. Bangkok and Pattaya are much famous for its nightlife. Each night bar has beautiful exotic girls, for 20-50 dollars you can spend an unforgettable night with one you like.
  8. "Go-Go" bars - clubs with a dance floor, where the girls dancing around a pole, from clothes they have only thin strips on the hips. After the show you can make agreement with anyone.
  9. In search of excitement and satisfaction you can go to a massage parlor. For 1,000 baht Asian girls make not only erotic massage, but also provide a range of sex services, depending on your tests. Do not confuse such kind of “massage” with real Thai massage, which can be taken only in the institute of massage or massage pavilion.
  10. Fans of the colorful musical performances, can visit the very popular show transsexuals in Bangkok at the hotel “Asia” or Alkazar” in Pattaya. Beautiful costumes, music and impressive dances leave no one indifferent. 50-100 baht and these extraordinary women are happy to pose in front of your camera.

It should be noted that the sex industry in Thailand is put on a public service. Every prostitute girl has an ID-card, where her personal number and other data are written.


Thailand Thailand Thailand
Thailand Thailand Thailand


Some prices in Thailand

  • Street meal - 50 baht ($ 2)
  • Coffee Shop - 200 baht ($ 7)
  • Restaurant - 400 baht or more ($ 13)
  • Taxi - about 70-100 baht (2-4 $)
  • City bus - 8-35 baht ($ 0.2-1)
  • Subway - 20 baht ($ 0.7)
  • Renting a Car - 800 baht per day ($ 27)
  • Bus Bangkok-Pattaya -150 baht ($ 5)
  • Bus Bangkok-Hua Hin - 190 baht ($ 6)
  • Body - massage - 1600 Baht ($ 53)
  • Crocodile Farm - 300 baht ($ 7.5)


  • Lowest - 130-600 baht ($ 4-20)
  • Medium - 600-10000 baht ($ 20-333)
  • Vip Hotels - from 10000bat ($ 333 and above) 

Thai Cuisine

Thai cuisine belongs to one of the tastiest cuisines in the world. Thai dishes contain much spice, many of them are in the most unexpected combinations, for example, meat and soups can be sweet and orange juice - salt. The most popular Thai dish is Tom Yam soup. In the original, it consists of 250 components, but in today's restaurants the recipe is much simpler. The main ingredient of Thai cuisine is rice.

Here are some rice dishes:

  • Khao phat - rice with fish, crab and vegetables
  • Phat prick buy kraphao - rice with spices
  • Prie Vahan - sweet and sour rice
  • Khao nam prick long ryu - spicy rice with shrimp

Also popular in Thai cuisine dishes from the pasta:

  • Mi crop - pasta with sweet and sour sauce
  • Phat Thai - noodles with meat sauce, eggs, shrimp and bean sprouts
  • Yav woon sen - spicy salad with cold noodle

from the meat dishes should be noted:

  • Gai Yang - grilled cock
  • Larp - salad with meat
  • Yam nua - grilled meat

Take a snack salads:

  • Lahap - fish salad
  • Somtam - salad with papaya and crab
  • Pla tu - mackerel with herbs

There is a big choice of fruits for dessert: melons, bananas, coconuts, pineapples, papaya, mango, durian, guava, pomelo, rambutan, longan. You can also order a variety of puddings and ice cream. We advise you to try Foy Thong - meringue and Khan Luuk chup - coconut dish.

You can eat in a restaurant, a cafe, as well as on the street. The streets are full of patches and carts with snacks. It should be noted that the food street vendors sell food of high quality.

Thailand Thailand Thailand


What to buy in Thailand

  • Souvenirs (magnets, figurines of elephants, crocodiles, frogs, small boxes)
  • Clothing (T-shirts with elephants are popular among tourists)
  • Interior items (paintings on wood or velvet, bamboo lamps, oil lamps made of coconut)
  • Precious stones: sapphires, rubies and emeralds. When buying a stone be careful not to buy a fake. We do not recommend buying in small shops or street vendors.
  • The skin of exotic animals (crocodiles and stingrays). Buying a thing from the crocodile or stingray skin, test it well, a lot of chances to be cheated with the buffalo or swine skin. It is better to buy products from crocodile skin in large stores or on the crocodile farms. Remember that elephant is a sacred animal in Thailand, so if someone tries to sell you the product from an elephant skin – it is one hundred percent cheating. Not often, but possible to find souvenirs from ivory, but it makes no sense to buy them, because they are forbidden for exporting from the country.


Thailand Thailand Thailand


Interesting Facts about Thailand:

  1. His Majesty the King of Thailand - the only monarch in the world, who has U.S. citizens.
  2. Thailand - the world's largest rice exporter.
  3. For the first time in human history, rice was  cultivated in Thailand about 6000 years ago.
  4. According to the Book of Guinness Records, Thai alphabet is the second largest in the world after the Khmer.
  5. The smallest mammal in the world is bumblebee-bat, which lives in Thailand.
  6. Thailand is the only country in Southeast Asia, which has never been anyone's colony.
  7. Muang Boran (Ancient City) in Samut Prakane is the world's largest open air museum.
  8. Thailand ranks second in the world (after Brazil) for exporting cane sugar.
  9. The territory of Thailand is almost the same as France and a half time bigger than the UK, 10 times bigger than Japan, 15 times bigger than Israel and its population almost reaches half  of the population of Russia.
  10. Thailand ranks fifth in Asia (after Japan, China, South  Korea and India) for the production of automobiles.
  11. Thailand is the largest supplier of natural rubber in the world market.
  12. Thailand is the second largest in the world (after China) exporter of fish and seafood.
  13. Despite the rapid development of the sex industry, Thailand is a country of strict family values and Buddhist morality.

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