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Official name: "The Republic of Indonesia";

Location: South East Asia (surrounded by tropical seas and oceans);

Capital: Jakarta;

Flag of Indonesia: two-colored, in the form of two stripes - red on top and white – on bottom;

Religion: The Constitution guarantees freedom of  six religions (Islam 86%,  Protestantism 6%, Catholicism 3%, Hindu 2%, Buddhism and Confucianism 1%);

Language: Indonesian and local languages (in the tourism area - English);

Area: 1919440 km²;

Climate: tropical (rainy season from October to April);

Population: 220 million;

Currency: Indonesian rupiah;

Telephone code: +62

Time zone: UTC +7, +8, +9;

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Flag of Indonesia


Map of Indonesia 


Coat of arms of Indonesia 


Information about Indonesia

Indonesia is a country of smoking volcanoes and wild jungles, rice fields and warm ocean, ancient temples and statues of pagan gods. Indonesia is  situated in South-East Asia and Oceania. It is called the country of a thousand islands, but, in fact, it consists of 17 508 islands,  two thirds of them are inhabited. With population of 220 million Indonesia takes the fourth place in the world. Indonesia is a republic with elected legislature and president. The country borders with Papua New Guinea, East Timur and Malaysia.The indonesian history and culture  has been influenced by the  country - invaders. Muslim traders brought Islam, and European missionaries - Christianity. History of Indonesia, as an independent state, began after the Second World War (August 17, 1945), when it received  its freedom after three and a half centuries of Dutch colonialism.
Naturally, existing of many islands have contributed to the  formation of different ethnic and linguistic groups. Javanese ethnic group is the largest. In spite of having many natural resources,  the most people live below the poverty line.



Geographical location of Indonesia

Indonesia is the largest  nation island  in the world. Many of the islands of Indonesia belong to the "Sunda", which is divided into "Lesser Sunda" and "Greater Sunda Islands".
The country shares land borders with: Malaysia (on the island "Borneo"), Papua New Guinea (the island of "New Guinea") and East Timor (Timor Island).
The islands of Indonesia are washed by tropical seas . The coastline is 80,000 kilometers.
Indonesia is a country of volcanoes and belongs to the "Pacific Ring of Fire", which was formed by a major tectonic fault. There are  150 active volcanoes in Indonesia, the largest of them  are  "Tambora" and "Krakatoa".  There was  the largest volcanic eruption "Toba" about 74 000 BC, which was one of the strongest in the history of mankind. Nowadays there are also many earthquakes in Indoneasi. For example, in 2004,  there was one of the largest earthquakes in modern times, which caused a huge wave of the tsunami, which killed hundreds  thousands  people. The powerful earthquake in the "Yogyakarta" (but without the effects of the tsunami) happened in 2006. And in 2010, an earthquake of magnitude 7.7 generated a huge tsunami.




Climate of Indonesia has two seasons: wet (October - April) and dry (May-September). The wet season is characterized by large tropical downpours that can continue for weeks. In the rainy season,  it is better to avoid traveling in the country, because many roads badly eroded. The average annual rainfall in the country varies from 1780 to 3175 mm in lowland areas. And in the mountains on the west coast of Sumatra, in Kalimantan, West Java, Sulawesi and Papua to 6100 mm. The average annual humidity is  high ( 80 percent). During the year, large fluctuations in temperature do not happen: for example, the average temperature in the "Jakarta" ranges from 26 to 30 ° C.



Nature of Indonesia (flora and fauna)

Country "Indonesia" is the second largest in the world after Brazil, according to the number of species which live on its territory. The islands of the "Sunda Shelf", which  were connected with Asia in ancient time,  are mostly inhabited by the  animals similar to Asia, but some of them, such as "Babirussa" or "Tonksky monkeys" and deer "Cool" are unique,  they are found  only in Indonesia. In the past  Indonesia was  home for populations of Sumatran tigers, Javan rhinoceros and the Asian orangutan. But because of  hunting and deforestation their numbe has significantly decreased.
The western part of Indonesia, the island of "New Guinea", has its own distinctive flora and fauna, which is very similar to Australia.
Approximately 60 percent of Indonesia is covered by forests. On the most populated island of the  country,  the island “Java”, the forest area is much less because of their cutting down.
The country is washed by   tropical seas. Flora and fauna of the seas is also rich. The length of the coastline of the country is about 80,000 kilometers. Country  belongs to the "Coral Triangle", where you can find different types of coral.
In the 1850s the British naturalist Alfred Russel Wallace figuratively draw dividing line in the middle of the  country, known more as a line of "Wallace". According to this separation the area to the west of it  dominated by Asian flora and fauna, and to the east - by Australian. This line runs along the edge of the  "Sunda Shelf," between "Borneo" and "Celebes" and then on "Lombokskomu strait," between the islands of Lombok and Bali. P.R. Wallace described the nature of the western and eastern parts of Indonesia in his book "Malay Archipelago," which was published in 1969. The region to the west of  the Wallace's line has been called "Sundaland", the region to the east of this line - "Wallace".
Speaking about fauna we should mention  a rare animal, a reptile found only in Indonesia - "Komodo monitor". This type of reptile is found only on one of the smaller islands of Indonesia - on the island "Komodo" ("Island of the Dragon"), which is located in the southern part of the country in the Lesser Sunda Islands area. This type of monitor is not found anywhere else on earth and  belongs to the  oldest reptiles on earth.
 Unfortunately, the increasing of people population and development of cities has endangered  the existence of many species of flora and fauna in the country. Nowadays Indonesia is facing with many environmental problems, among them the destruction and deforestation, forest fires and  air pollution. Because of  carbon dioxide, which is mainly excreted in the peat and forest fires Indonesia ranks third in the world for greenhouse gas emissions.
About 140 species of mammals living in the country are included to the list of species under threat by the “"the International Union for Conservation of Nature”.  about 15 species  of them are under extinction.



Culture of Indonesia

Culture of Indonesia is mostly represented by the temple ceremonies, ritual dances and music. Of course, speaking about culture, firstly we should mention "Wayang kulit" shadow puppet theater, which stages  mostly scenes from the Mahabharata and the Ramayana.
In spite of  banning cockfighting,  every taxi driver can take you to the place of its holding.
After 12 nights in all tourist areas in Indonesia begins nightlife. Modern clubs, bars and discos with DJs of the world-class open its doors to lovers of nightlife.




Despite the fact that the Constitution of Indonesia states that freedom of religion, the political leaders of Indonesia officially recognize only six religions: Islam, Protestantism, Catholicism, Hinduism, Buddhism and Confucianism.
 Indonesia has the world’s largest population of Muslims (86%),mostly Sunni. For example,  in May 21, 2011 Indonesia had established a "Sunni-Shiite Council" ("Muhsin") to avoid conflicts between Shiite and Sunni Muslims  .
 86% of the population of Indonesia belongs to Islam (Muslims), 9% of the population - Christians, 3% - Hindus, 2% -other religions, including Buddhism. Most Hindus in Indonesia - are ethnic Balinese. A majority of Buddhists - are ethnic Chinese. Despite the fact that now the followers of Buddhism and Hinduism are  in the minority, these religions have traditionally had great influence in the country.  In Indonesia has been also spreading Christianity, which appeared in the country as a result of the Dutch and Portuguese missionaries and colonialists.

Indonesian cuisine Indonesian cuisine is represented by many kind of dishes. Basically it is different soups, salads, rice dishes and fish.  Coconut milk is widely used in Indonesian cuisine. It is an important  ingredient in beverages, sauces and soups. The dishes are flowered with coriander, pepper, garlic, laurel, ginger, galangal, dried shrimp and anchovies. Surprisingly, Indonesia, which is the world's largest exporter of cloves and nutmeg,  does not use these spices for cooking, they are used in folk medicine.
Being in Bali, try "Ayam Betutu". This dish is cooked of chicken with adding different spices, wrapped in banana leaves, put in a special pit, covered with hot coals on top and cooked 6-7 hours. Traditionally, Ayam Betutu  was eaten in religious ceremonies,  but now it is served in all restaurants.



Where can I go to Indonesia

Bali is known as the island of the gods, temples and dance.  With ritual dances Balineses pray to their gods and bring them gifts. Good and evil are here associated with the top and bottom, so people believe that gods live in the mountains, and demons - in the ocean. According to this believe we should sleep with head to the mountains and feet- to the ocean. Bali is the most important tourist destination in Indonesia and has a high level of tourist services. Most luxury hotels are located in the resort area of Nusa Dua. To the best resorts also belongs Jimbaran in southwest Bali. Except tourism, the Balinese also live through agriculture and fishing.
Lombok (Island - Peppers) - the island has its own pride – the  red chili pepper. It is added to all dishes. Lombok has a developed tourist infrastructure . There are many hotels, restaurants and nightclubs there .
Komodo (island of the dragon) - a small island with population of 500 . Local attraction is one of the most ancient amphibians in the world. Locals call it "ora" and the Europeans - the "dragon" ("Komodo monitor").  Take a guide on the island , who knows all the dragon's path and may even show the spectacle which is not for the faint hearted - Komodo monitor lizards eating a goat.
Flores - climb the mountain "Kelimutu" and enjoy the "Tri-Crater Lake" on the top.

What to see in Indonesia

1) The main temple of the island, "Pura Besakih," which was built 2,000 years ago and consists of 30 churches belonging to different communities.
2) Visit a Buddhist temple Bro Wulong Dan, which is situarted in the middle of the lake.
3) "Goa Gaja" - a Buddhist temple, carved into the rock. Local residents believe that Ganesha - the god of wisdom, which is described with an elephant head, Lives in the cave
4) We also recommend  you to visit the temple of four confessions Lingsar, the palace of Raja of the Narmada, the village artisans Sukarara, a village of potters Penudzhak mosque Bayan, Palace on the Water Mayura, waterfall Sindang Gia, a forest of black and gray monkeys.



What to buy in Indonesia

In Indonesia, the trade is represented by street vendors who sell products made with their hands and huge modern supermarket, where you can find everything at  cheap prices. Indonesia is famous for its handicrafts and souvenirs from leather and wood carving. The best places to buy folk crafts are local markets and street vendors where you can bargain and decrease  without it low prices.

Advice for tourists: bargaining, decrease the price trice or more and then give opportunity for the seller to raise it a little.


Interesting facts about Indonesia

  1. Indonesia has many unique plants and animals. For example, Javanese rhinoceros and the world's largest lizard, the Komodo dragon (varanus komodoensis), which reaches 3 meters in length. There is Rafflesia arnoldi - the biggest flower in the world, in Sumatra.
  2. 3 of the world's 10 largest islands belong to Indonesia.
  3. Indonesia - the most populous country in the world. It has population of about 250 million.
  4. Indonesia has more than 13,000 islands. Only 6000 of them are populated.
  5. There are more than 350 languages and dialects in Indonesia.
  6. There are 400 volcanoes (100 of them active) in Indonesia.
  7. In late March, on the island of Bali the Day of Silence is celebrated. Indonesians believe that on this day devil walks the streets. Fearing demons, Indonesians spend the whole day at home in complete silence. The streets become empty, street lightings are turned off, transport practically does not work, and the airport of the island is closed on this day.



Indonesia is a wonderful sunny exotic tropical country, located on the large islands where you can enjoy   travelling on land and sea, learning the  history and primitive pagan way of life.
The country takes the 4th place in the world by the population and it is the15th largest country in the world.
Indonesia is located on the islands of the Malay Archipelago and in the western part of New Guinea island. Just Malay archipelago stretches 5120 km along the equator line. The country is washed by two oceans: Indian and Pacific.
Indonesia is the largest nation island  in the world. Many of the islands of Indonesia belong to the "Sunda", which are divided into "Lesser Sunda" and "Greater Sunda Islands".
Indonesia is a country of smoking volcanoes and it belongs to the "Pacific Ring of Fire", which was formed by a major tectonic fault. There are are 150 active volcanoes in Indonesia, the largest of them  are  "Tambora" and "Krakatoa".
The climate of Indonesia is tropical monsoon , year is divided into  the dry  and wet seasons.
Indonesia is the  second  after Brazil in the variety  of species.  The islands of Sunda Shelf , which was connected with the Asian mainland in the ancient time, inhabited mainly  by species similar to Asian, but some animals that live in other parts of the country are closer to the Australian fauna.
60 percent of Indonesian territory is covered by forests, which occupy most of the area  of Sumatra and Kalimantan islands.
The shores are washed by tropical seas of Indonesia, which are also rich on species. The coastline of the country is about 80,000 kilometers. Country  belongs to the "Coral Triangle".
Figuratively country can be divided along the line of Wallace. To the west of it dominated by Asian flora and fauna, to the east - an Australian.
Tourist industry in Indonesia is developing.  In the tourist places you can find many hotels, restaurants and clubs.
The nightlife begins after 12 nights in all tourist areas . Modern clubs, bars and discos with DJs of the world Class  invite you to enjoy night adventures.
Island "Bali" is one of the most important tourist centers in the country. There are numerous hotels with magnificent beaches and ancient Hindu temples on the island. Take opportunity to visit them.
Indonesia is a country of great interest for eco-tourism. There are a lot of national reserves and parks there. For example, Park "Gunning", which is located on the island of Sumatra, belongs to the most famous parks in the world. Tourists are also attracted by the possibility of traveling on foot ("Tracking") on the mountain forests of Indonesia, visiting the famous orangutan rehabilitation center, and  visiting the island "Komodo" to watch the unique  "Komodo lizards".


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