United Arab Emirates (UAE)

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United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Official name of state: "United Arab Emirates (UAE);

Area of UAE: 77700 square kilometers (30,000 square miles);

Population of the UAE: 4798491 persons;

Capital of the UAE: Abu Dhabi;

Large cities: Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Al Ain and Fujairah (the list is in order from the highest to the lowest);

Geographical position of the UAE: the north-eastern part of the Arabian Peninsula (Middle East, Asia);

Climate of the UAE: a tropical desert (very hot and dry);

Politics: a federation of seven autonomous emirates. The Supreme Council appoints the president;

The ethnic composition of the UAE: Arabs (20%), Indians, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis (50%), Filipinos and Malaysians (15%), Europeans, Americans and Australians (6%);

Official language of the UAE: Arabic (English is not official but common);

Religion in the UAE: Islam (Shia and Sunni);

Currency: UAE dirham (AED, code 784) (1 dollar = 3.67 dirhams.)

Internet domain: .ae ;

Telephone code: +971;

Local Time: UTC +4.

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United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Flag of UAE

United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Map of UAE

United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Coat of arms of UAE


Information about UAE (United Arab Emirates)

United Arab Emirates (UAE) is the country of the sun and contrasts, where modernity, traditions, glamour, democracy and religion are mixed together. In the morning you can hear the call to prayer, and in the evening dance rhythms in nightclubs. UAE is eastern country with a large architectural and technological progress; it also has rich history and culture. Tourists can enjoy all the modern comforts and luxuries, and at the same time feel the atmosphere of the exotic East. UAE offers a wide range of travel options from  sandy beaches and luxury hotels to safari on camels in the desert under the stars. Vip-tourism is also well developed here. "All the best " – these words characterize UAE.


United Arab Emirates (UAE) United Arab Emirates (UAE) United Arab Emirates (UAE)


Geographical Location of the UAE


United Arab Emirates or UAE is a federation of seven emirates, which is located in north-eastern region of the Arabian Peninsula. It borders with Oman in the East, with Saudi Arabia in the South and West, with Qatar in the North-West and it is washed by the Persian Gulf in the North.
80% of the area is desert.
The UAE consists of seven federations (Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Ajman, Fujairah, Ras al-Khaimah, Sharjah and Umm al-Qaiwain).
The terrain of Abu Dhabi is flat and sandy, Dubai, or, as it is also called "Pearl of the Gulf" - famous for its picturesque coastline, Sharjah has a deep-water port; Ras al-Khaimah is the fourth emirate in size. Fujairah is located on the Batinah coast and has agricultural potential; Ajman and Umm al-Qaiwain were fishing villages in the past.


United Arab Emirates (UAE)


Photos of the UAE (Photos of the United Arab Emirates)

United Arab Emirates (UAE) United Arab Emirates (UAE) United Arab Emirates (UAE)


The climate of UAE

The climate in UAE is tropical (both hot and dry). The United Arab Emirates have often sand storms.
The temperature in summer ranges from 35 - 40 ° C, and very often even reaches 50 ° Celsius. The temperature in winter in UAE: Day 20 - 23 ° C, and at night usually colder. Precipitations in the United Arab Emirates are irregular, sometimes from November to May. The annual rate of perceptions is about 100 mm.

Flora and fauna of the UAE

In spite of having a dry climate and sufficient rainfall, the UAE can boast a diversity of flora and fauna. Here there are about 3,500 species of plants, among them date-palm is the most popular. In the mountainous regions there are many acacia trees and wild herbs, which make the area more like a savanna.
Fauna is represented by sand foxes, wolves, jackals, wild cats, dessert rabbits, hedgehogs and geckos. You can often see camels and goats. More than 250 species of birds live here, including eagles, falcons, owls, gulls, waders and flamingos.
Marine life is also rich and varied: tropical fish, corals, dolphins, dugongs (sea cows) and turtles. Eight species of whales and seven of dolphins have been seen in the waters of the OAU.

United Arab Emirates (UAE) United Arab Emirates (UAE) United Arab Emirates (UAE)
United Arab Emirates (UAE) United Arab Emirates (UAE) United Arab Emirates (UAE)
United Arab Emirates (UAE) United Arab Emirates (UAE) United Arab Emirates (UAE)


 History of the United Arab Emirates

United Arab Emirates has a long history, which includes hundreds of thousands years. At the ancient time, the UAE has played an important role in human migration from Africa to Asia, as it had very important trade routes. The indigenous population (Bedouins) led a nomadic life and covered long distances on camels in search of pasture and water. The discovery of new types of irrigation ("Falaj" - summing up the water from the mountains into the narrow wadi (valley)) has contributed to the development of agriculture (mostly cultivating dates). Pearl boom has contributed to the growth of urbanization and many tribes settled in the coastal towns and villages. Intensive trade led to the development of shipping, wooden ships "Dhow" were sailing through the Indian Ocean. UAE was famous for its fairs, Merchants from all neighbor areas (even China) came here. In the 16th century invasion of Portuguese troops violated the peace of the country and led to bloody consequences. After the defeat of Kawashima 1820, Britain signed several agreements with sheikhs of emirates about the preservation of maritime truce, which was called "The Agreement of states". Pearl industry had been flourishing during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, providing income and employment to the people of Persian coast. Many residents led semi-nomadic life - pearl production in summer and cultivation of dates in winter. Pearl industry began to disappear after World War II, when the independent government of India imposed heavy taxes on imports of pearls. It was a disaster for the region. Oil production has become a salvation for the people. The first consignment of oil was exported in 1962. In 1966, Sheikh Said became a leader of Abu Dhabi. Under his rule, production and export of oil has increased substantially, and he undertook a massive program for building houses, schools, hospitals and roads.
In 1971, Sheikh Saeed  called for the federation, which would include the seven emirates. After long debates, agreement was reached between the leaders of six emirates (Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Fujairah, Umm al-Qaiwain and Ajman). December 2, 1971, the new federation was declared and was called the "United Arab Emirates". The leader was Sheikh Said. The seventh emirate, Ras al-Khaimah has officially joined the new federation in 1972; Sheikh Saeed had leadership until his death in 2004.
The new state has arisen in a period of instability in the region. Many experts predicted that the new federation has no future because of the eternal conflict with neighboring countries and the large gap between the emirates. Due to the large reserves of oil and wisdom of the first rulers, nowadays, the UAE is characterized as economically developed and modern country, which is undergoing major technological and architectural advances. However, the skills of desert life are still held in minds of many people and the older generations remember what exactly has helped them to survive in hard conditions. Today visitors can experience the desert life, taking part in various excursions. To take closer look at the history and culture of the Emirates you can visit the old fishing harbor, the boat-building places, and the centers of eagle-hunting and the place of producing pearls.


The population of the United Arab Emirates (UAE)

The population of the UAE is about 4798491 people, of which ethnic Arabs take only 31 percent of all residents and indigenous peoples - only 11 percent.
The others came from Pakistan, Nepal, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Philippines and other South Asian countries who have immigrated to the United Arab Emirates as temporary workers. It should be noted that 85% of the residents in the UAE are not its citizens.
Immigrants Arabs, have mostly come from Arab countries with low living standards (Oman, Yemen, Morocco, Egypt, etc.), as well as refugees from Palestine.
88% of the total population of the United Emirates lives in cities. The largest and the most developing city is Dubai, which is home to over 2.5 million people. Other big cities are Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Al Ain and Fujairah.


Culture of UAE


United Arab Emirates is a Muslim country.  It is not allowed here to drink alcohol outside (for this you can go to jail) and it is not supposed to be provocatively dressed (especially for women). But during the recent years, because of the huge number of tourists from Europe, Asia and America, all limits of decency have been more extended to the direction of European standards.
During the last years education has been enjoying a great value in the UAE, nowadays in the UAE   good universities with high international levels have been established, also educational and scientific centers of the largest advanced technology companies in the world were opened.
The culture of the UAE has mostly been affected by other neighbor Arab countries, especially Oman and Lebanon.

United Arab Emirates (UAE) United Arab Emirates (UAE) United Arab Emirates (UAE)


When to go to the United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Best time to visit the UAE is a period  from October to November and from February to March, when temperatures is about 20 C. Tourism  peak belongs to Christmas and New Year. Avoid the month of Ramadan, when the rhythm of life is totally changed. Restaurants (outside hotels) are closed during the day, and most offices and shops close at noon. After sunset, people gather for lunch.


Where to go in the United Arab Emirates

- Dubai is a city of modern hotels and majestic skyscrapers. There are lots of world class hotels there, among which the most famous is Burj al Arab). There are many interesting things to see in Dubai: the ancient Arab buildings in the area of Bastakiya, Dubai Museum of History (Al Fahidi fort), Jumeirah Mosque, Sheikh Saeed's Palace, History Museum - a village, Dubai Zoo, Wonderland - one of the largest aqua parks in the world.
- Abu Dhabi is "the garden city of the emirates." Near the border with Oman, visit the oasis "Al Ain", where you can see the archaeological museum, the burial of Healy, a historical museum, eastern and square forts. Kids will enjoy the big zoo. But first of all, "Al Ain" is famous for its market of animals.
- Meredzha is the most ancient district of Sharjah. Visit the mosque of Sheikh Faisal, which can contain up to 3,000 people at the same time, museums and exhibitions, beaches Khalid Lagoon. Here you can try snowboarding on the sand and the rally in the jeep in the desert.
- The ancient city Yulfar ("Julphar") is a former trade center of sea pearls and famous for its sailors. The ancient boats, "doa" reached the coast of China.
- Umm Al-Quwain (translated as "source of strength") is famous for date-gardens Falazh Al Muala is surrounded by high dunes and aquapark Dreamland, with artificial Mount of height 18 meters and with simulated fire, lighting effects and multiple water attractions.
- Fujairah, with its beautiful sandy beaches is one of the best places for diving. Fujairah is a modern city with beautiful fountains and sculptures in the eastern spirit.
- Khor Fakkan is famous for its coral reefs and attracts diving enthusiasts because of various and colorful underwater world,  the coastline boasts golden sands and clear water.
- Wadi Darbat (near Salalah) is Natural Park with waterfalls, lakes, mountains and caves. Here you can admire the beautiful greenery and watch the wildlife.
- Hatta is the village, located two hours from Dubai. This is one of the oldest settlements of the Bedouins. There is an ancient fortress in the centre, which was previously used for protection the city. Enjoy the beautiful scenery of mountains and velvet sand dunes. Along the gorges on the mountain tops small villages are situated. From country houses built in the mountains, descend unnatural garden where lush gardens bloom.

Be sure also to visit:

- Hotel Burj Al Arab in Dubai, better known as "Sail" - is the most expensive and luxurious hotel in the world. This hotel belongs to the category of vip tourism (vip class). There are no ordinary rooms there. All 202 rooms are of luxury class. For the night in the cheapest room you have to pay $ 1,500. It is the only seven-star hotel in the world and mark of Dubai. Officially, it has 5 stars, but unofficially recognized by tourists as vip-7-star hotel. The best way to get in without paying for a room is to book a table at a restaurant. There is a park of white Royce Royce and the dancing fountains near the hotel.

- Palm Islands is the most grandiose and sensational project in the world. It is called the eighth wonder of the World. It is the second men-made structure in the world (after the Great Wall of China), which can be seen from space. It has three huge artificial "islands" - Jumeirah, Jebel Ali and Deira - which are situated in the form of "barrel" and "crown" with 17 branches of palm trees, around which there are two "crescent". Each island resembles a small city. There will be luxury villas, comfortable apartments, marinas, and amusement parks, hotels for tourists, shops and beach clubs.

United Arab Emirates (UAE) United Arab Emirates (UAE) United Arab Emirates (UAE)
United Arab Emirates (UAE) United Arab Emirates (UAE) United Arab Emirates (UAE)


What to do in UAE

- Beach Holidays and Diving.
Coastline of the country has sandy beaches. It should be noted that each emirate has its unique color of sand. On public beaches girls in bikinis attract unwanted attention, better to go to private beach at the hotel. The best place for snorkeling and scuba diving is the east coast, where you can watch a wide variety of coral and tropical fish.
West Coast of United Arab Emirates (Persian Gulf) is a great place for discovering shipwrecks.
- Shopping.
The UAE is a zone of free trade, no wonder that shopping is so popular among tourists. There are more than a dozen shopping centers in Dubai. In Dubai you can buy cars cheaper, jewelry stores offer articles of gold by weight at the world market price. Do not forget to visit the gold market in Deira.

- Safari.
Desert safaris can last half a day, day or whole day. This trip allows you to enjoy the various landscapes of the desert - from golden sand dunes to the mountains, and visit the camel and goat farms and isolated villages.
Typically, the program of jeep safaris includes visiting the village of Bedouins, camel riding, taking pictures in national costumes, and dinner under the stars, smoking shisha, henna painting and fiery belly dance.

- Parasailing – it belongs to the newest sports and entertainment. It reminds water skiing, but instead of skis you use a parachute that is attached to the boat with special equipment.

- Sand skiing down the dunes.

Trip on a Dhow boat along the River Wadi. Wadi is a dried-up riverbed of the Mountain Rivers. Your attention will enjoy fantastic views of the landscape and wildlife.

Hunting for crabs.
Try your skill in the hunting for crabs, going on a boat to the islands around Um Al Kuwait. Hire a guide who will teach you this ancient way of hunting with spears and lanterns.

- Visit the camel races.
Camel racing is a traditional Bedouin sport; nowadays it also enjoys a great popularity in the UAE. Camel racing season lasts from late October to mid April. Competitions are held every week.

- Falconry.
This is an excellent and gambling entertainment. Taking off from you hands the proud falcon, flies to the high, and suddenly, abruptly rushes down with a speed of 250 km. per hour to its prey. Exciting spectacle, but not for the faint of heart.

United Arab Emirates (UAE) United Arab Emirates (UAE) United Arab Emirates (UAE)
United Arab Emirates (UAE) United Arab Emirates (UAE) United Arab Emirates (UAE)
United Arab Emirates (UAE) United Arab Emirates (UAE) United Arab Emirates (UAE)


Prices and shopping in the UAE:

In spite of being one of the richest countries in the world, the prices in United Arab Emirates are surprisingly low.
Being free from taxes entrepreneurs of the country have all conditions for the development of their businesses and lower prices, which undoubtedly attracts more and more tourists.
If you decide to do shopping tour to another country, then a trip to the UAE will be a good choice and its low shopping prices will pleasantly surprise you. In this country you can buy almost everything at a discount of up to 70%, ranging from fur coats to gold. It is no secret that in the UAE prices are very, very attractive, and nobody will be disappointed. 


What to buy in United Arab Emirates:


- Gold, precious stones and pearls.
- Coats (very low prices);
- Spices (cumin, coriander, cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, turmeric, saffron, ginger, pine nuts).
- Souvenirs (oriental rugs, exotic tapestries, Arabian coffee pots, carved trunks, traditional daggers, silver jewelry).
- Perfume - all Western brands at very good prices are sold in perfume stores. We recommend you also to buy local perfume, but keep in mind that they have a very strong odor.
- Oriental sweets (dates).
- Clothing (here you will find the best brands from all over the world to every taste and wallet.

As a part of shopping tour visit the city of Sharjah. It is known for its developed distribution network: shops, boutiques, markets with the lowest prices in the UAE.

United Arab Emirates (UAE) United Arab Emirates (UAE) United Arab Emirates (UAE)


Cuisine in UAE (cuisine of The United Arab Emirates)


Emirate cuisine has been formed under the influence of traditional cuisines of many oriental countries. In particular, many dishes were borrowed from Lebanon.
Arab cuisine is a mixture of products and flavors. Different kinds of bread and  salad of fresh vegetables and fruits are served to every dish. Chicken, beef, lamb, seafood, nuts, rice, yogurt and spices - are the main ingredients in local cuisine.


Dishes in UAE:


- Harees - small pieces of meat (usually lamb) mixed with wheat grains and water, boiling over low heat. Then all the components are ground, and we get something like porridge.
- Machboos - cooked from lamb or chicken. The meat is cooked with onions, rice, salt and dried lemons.
- Mohalla - a flat bread, smeared with honey and palm syrup (usually eaten for breakfast)
- Kebab kashkash - a dish of meat and spices in a tomato sauce.
- Schawama – grilled pieces of lamb or chicken with lettuce, wrapped in a pancake.
- Lukimat - it's dough balls eaten with palm syrup.
- Batheeth - made from ripe figs in the juice.

From Fish dishes ‘Hamuro” is very popular. Also dishes of young sharks are famous.
Camel meat is eaten only on special occasions.
The main spices - saffron, cardamom and thyme.

In the UAE you can find many international restaurants, among them Lebanese are the most popular. Lebanese delicacies are usually served with Arabic bread and salad of fresh and pickled cucumbers. Iranian cuisine is also very popular. It is distinguished by its original style and flavor. Iranian dishes are served with lettuce, onion, tomato sauce and mint yogurt. Remember that there pork is forbidden. Also, you will not find alcohol in local restaurants, only in hotels and nightclubs.

United Arab Emirates (UAE) United Arab Emirates (UAE) United Arab Emirates (UAE)
United Arab Emirates (UAE) United Arab Emirates (UAE) United Arab Emirates (UAE)


VIP Tourism in the UAE (Luxury class of The United Arab Emirates)

United Arab Emirates is very popular among VIP-tourists. This is not surprising, since this country has all conditions for perfect and luxury holidays. There is a large number of VIP-class hotels there. For example, there are a lot of 5 stars hotels with excellent service and vip-level. Among them there is  only 7-star hotel in the world, "Burj Al-Arab" in Dubai, where the price for number ranges from $ 1,500. The most developed cities for vip-tourism are Dubai and Abu Dhabi. But of course, vip-service and luxury hotels are located in all tourist cities of the UAE.
It should be noted that the class of service and the level of 5 stars hotels here is higher than in other countries.
Comfort and service in OAE will be always on the top. There is an opinion that OAE has "only the best things".


United Arab Emirates (UAE) United Arab Emirates (UAE) United Arab Emirates (UAE)
United Arab Emirates (UAE) United Arab Emirates (UAE) United Arab Emirates (UAE)
United Arab Emirates (UAE) United Arab Emirates (UAE) United Arab Emirates (UAE)
United Arab Emirates (UAE) United Arab Emirates (UAE) United Arab Emirates (UAE)
United Arab Emirates (UAE) United Arab Emirates (UAE) United Arab Emirates (UAE)


It is important to know

In the UAE it is forbidden to go out to the street if you are drunken or intoxicated. You can easily go to jail for this, not regarding at your high status, position or high financial situation. Also, don`t go out in provocative clothes (especially for girls).
Despite the fact that the UAE   combines republic and monarchy, democracy is highly developed here - equality of all before the law. Also, don`t break rules on the road. Penalties here are quite large.
Don`t even try to bribe custom officers or police, you can easily departed for it.
It should be also noted that one person (not Muslim) is entitled to transport on the territory of the country only 2 liters of spirits and 2 liters of wine. Importation of alcoholic beverages to the UAE of UAE citizens is prohibited! Liquor is officially sold only in restaurants, bars, airports and hotels.
 There are no restrictions on the importation or exportation of currency or products from various precious metals - . But if you import into the country over 40,000 dirhams - or more than U.S. $ 10,000 – you should declare the money.
Importation of drugs or psychotropic content is strictly prohibited! And medications should be in amount which is enough for one person during the period of his staying in the country.
You should also remember that the printed and video products can be viewed in order to avoid importing materials of erotic content, or any other material offensive to Muslims.
The cost of tourist visa is $ 70. It is issued for 60 days. Important: if a tourist has an Israel visa in his passport, the UAE authorities have the right to refuse entry to the country upon arrival at the airport, even if they had previously been granted a visa UAE. It should be emphasized that they have right, not an obligation.

The interesting facts about the United Arab Emirates: 

1. In the UAE, only 30 percent of the fresh water comes from natural springs or artesian wells. 70 percent of water is desalinated. Desalination - a very energy intensive and expensive process, one liter of such water costs four times more than natural.
2. UAE puts big investment in agriculture: Agro Farmas are building there. In air-conditioned greenhouses they take 2-3 crops of tomatoes, cucumbers and potatoes a year. Mangoes, apples, strawberries are also grown. UAE is famous for its dates. The most fertile area of the UAE is an oasis of Al Ain.
3. The capital of the UAE - Abu Dhabi - rightfully called "The city's Park". There are many exotic trees brought from all over the world and luxurious green shady gardens there.
4. The coldest months in the UAE are December and January. At this time the average day temperature is 28 C, and at night is 18 C.
5. UAE has numerous government social support programs for its citizens. For example, every young couple in the UAE receives from the government a villa and 70 000 dirhams (about USD 19'000) as a gift for the wedding.
6. It is not allowed for non-Muslims to visit the mosque. The exception is the mosque in the city of Dubai, in Jumeirah. It is open for tourists once a week, on Thursdays, from 10:00 am.
7. UAE ranks second in the world in water consumption per person after The United States of America. Daily water consumption per person in the Emirates is about 550 liters.
8. Abu Dhabi, according to Interpol has the lowest crime rate in the world.
9. In the UAE, there are about 59 thousand millionaires, owning about 246 billion dollars.
10. The longest artificial snow track was built in the Emirates. Its length - 1 km.
11. UAE national team in ice hockey in May 2001 became the champion of Asia and became the first Arab country accepted into the International Ice Hockey Federation.
11. The Emirate of Dubai holds third place in the world by turnover of gold, after London and Singapore.



Conclusions about United Arab Emirates

UAE - is the sun rich country where the sun and summer last all year round. The country of "the most and of the best”. "United Arab Emirates" is one of the richest countries in the world. It is the largest importer of oil. But OAE is not just oil; it is also a country of high technology and high quality of life. The UAE offers glamour, chic hotels, restaurants, great entertainment and shopping complexes where you can be enthusiastic about everything and forget about everything. It should be noted that the United Arab Emirates have beautiful, clean beaches which are not overcrowded. For lovers of extreme – it is recommended to go on   desert tours and skiing on sand. Lovers of history will enjoy visiting the Emirates famous historical sights that make the holidays in the UAE not only enjoyable but also educated.
Also, the country will be very attractive to tourists and vip-luxury holiday. High level of service and elegance in everything and everywhere make a visit to the country very pleasant.
Having taken a trip to the United Arab Emirates you would always remember its unique charm and ultra modernity mixed with traditional Arabian luxury.

United Arab Emirates (UAE) United Arab Emirates (UAE) United Arab Emirates (UAE)
United Arab Emirates (UAE) United Arab Emirates (UAE) United Arab Emirates (UAE)
United Arab Emirates (UAE) United Arab Emirates (UAE) United Arab Emirates (UAE)

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