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Official name: State of Qatar;

Capital of Qatar: Doha;

Geographical location: south-west Asia, north-east of the Arabian Peninsula;

Territory of Qatar: 11586  square km.;

Climate of Qatar: dry continental tropical;

Population of Qatar: 1699435 people;

Ethnic groups of Qatar: Arabs (40%), Pakistanis (18%), Indians (18%), Iranians (10%) and others (14%);

Official language of Qatar: Arabic (official), but English is also common;

Government:  Unitary State - emirate with an absolute monarchy;

Religions: Islam (Sunni Islam);

Currency: Qatari Riyal (QAR, code 634);

Internet domain: .qa;

Telephone code: +974;

Time zone: UTC +3.


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Flag of Qatar


Map of Qatar 


Coat of arms of Qatar

General information about Qatar

Qatar is a small Arab state - the emirate, located in the southwestern part of Asia in the north-east of the Arabian Peninsula. It is washed by the Persian Gulf on the West, East and North. Qatar is a unitary state - the emirate, with an absolute monarchy, headed by the Emir. The area of Qatar is a desert. It is rich, but at the same time rapidly developing country. Tourism in Qatar is also developing rapidly. For example, the beach tourism is very popular in Qatar. Qatar is a state which is in many ways similar to the UAE (the country with which it has borders). But in contrast to the United Arab Emirates, Qatar is unitary country consisting of one emirate state. Oil is the main source of income for both Qatar and the UAE, but at the same time the gas industry has a big impact on the economy of Qatar. Approximately 50% to 50% infusion of money goes into the budget from oil and gas. Qatar is one of the richest countries in the world.

As it was above mentioned Qatar is also a tourism country, where tourism is one of the most important directions in the economy. For example, since 2009 the tax rates have been lowered, as a result, the country has begun to attract more investment and infrastructure begun to develop rapidly. Tourism business has been getting more and more popular.


Qatar Qatar Qatar


Geography of Qatar

Qatar is located in the southwestern part of Asia in the north-east of the Arabian Peninsula. It is washed by the Persian Gulf on the West, East and North. It is s small state - the area of its territory is only 11,586 square kilometers. The entire territory of Qatar is desert. There is low sandy plain covered with shifting sands in the North of the country. Sometimes you can see oases here. Basically there is the only concentration of natural freshwater in the North of Qatar. As for the rest of the country – they have serious problems with water, so they use method of desalination of sea water. There are no any large rivers in Qatar.
In the center of the country there is a rocky desert with some saline formations (soil composition of salt). In the south of the country there is the desert with high sand hills.
Administrative - all Qatar is divided into 10 municipalities, called "Baladiyatami.




Photos of Qatar

Qatar Qatar Qatar

Qatar Qatar Qatar


The climate of Qatar

Qatar has dry continental tropical climate. It is quite hot here. In summer the temperature often rises to 50 degrees. The average temperature in July (the hottest month) is 35 degrees. The average temperature in January (the coldest month for Qatar) is 22 degrees. But it is still quite hot. Therefore, we can say that the country has summer year round.


Flora and fauna of Qatar

Flora and fauna of Qatar is relatively poor. The main reason is the lack of fresh water and dry climate.
As for the flora of Qatar, you can see palms in oases and along the coastline. Sagebrush and camel thorn bushes are spreading in the deserts.
As for the fauna, reptiles and rodents are dominative here. Sometimes you can see jackals, foxes, hyenas and gazelles. Among insects – grasshoppers are very common. To the bird’s species belong eagles, hawks, gulls and sparrows. As domestic animals people use camels.
Despite the poor fauna and flora in Qatar, scientists and biologists are attracted to mangroves, which grow near the sea in some parts of the country, which are home to many species of animals.

Qatar Qatar Qatar
Qatar Qatar Qatar

Qatar Qatar Qatar


History of Qatar 

In the 3 - 2nd millennium BC, the territory of Qatar was part of the state of Dilmun, the center of which was the island of Bahrain. Then territory led by the Phoenicians, then it passed into the possession of the Iranians. Then, over two centuries, Qatar was part of the empire of Alexander the Great. Then again, was conquered by Iran. In the VI century the territory of Qatar became part of the Arab Caliphate Empire. In the XVIII - XIV centuries, the territory belonged to Bahrain. In the XVI century, was briefly conquered by Portugal. Then the territory was taken by Turks. And it became a part of the Ottoman Empire. Next centuries the area had been constantly changing its affiliation to a particular country. It was conquered by the Portuguese, and then was part of Bahrain, again part of the Ottoman Empire. Since 1916, Qatar received British protectorate. In 1971, Qatar gained independence and became known as the State of Qatar. But Qatar has become a monarchical country, which is headed by an absolute monarch - the emir, whose power is limited only by the Shari'ah. Since 1971, there have been several bloodless coups; as a result the leadership was passing from relative to relative (ruling family). After 1971 the entire gas-and-oil industry has been nationalized. April 16, 2012 there was attempt of coup, but it was unsuccessful. Till now the ruler of Qatar is Emir Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani.
In spite of the state regime, Qatar is one of the most open of Arab States. The world-famous TV channel "Al Jazeera" is located there.


Culture of Qatar 

Culture of Qatar reflects the culture of Arab nationality of the Arabian Peninsula. Saudi tribes, which had settled earlier in Qatar, are the main sources of culture of Qatar. Written language, customs, traditions and art - all borrowed from other Arab countries of the Arabian Peninsula. Locals keep the laws of Sharia. Those laws are also the basis of legislation of this country. Religion in Qatar is Islam. 90% of all citizens are Sunni. Shiites make up only 10 percent. Sunnis in Qatar mainly adhere to the Hanbali School - one of four major schools of Sunni.
Language in Qatar is Arabian. Writing is Arabic script.

Where to go
  1. Doha is the capital and largest city of the state. This city has a second name - "Al-Doura." The city is located in the picturesque Gulf and it is the economical center of the state of Qatar. There are large office skyscrapers, beach resorts, shopping malls, museums and monuments of history and architecture there.
  2. The palace of Sheikh Mohammed Abdullah (it houses the National Museum of Qatar). This museum has a huge two-storied aquarium, which is also recommended to watch. Other exhibits in the museum dedicated to the history of Qatar, culture and astronomy.
  3. Museum of Fort Doha.It is located outside the city of Doha . There are a lot of exhibits of folk craftsmen: carpets, paintings, wood carvings, and so on there.
  4. Fortress Umm - Salal - Mohammed. This fortress is located 25 kilometers north of Doha. White fort on the background of the blue sea looks pretty awesome. You should see it.
  5. The city of Al Khor. It lies to the north of the capital of Qatar, at the distance of 50 km. from Doha. It is the oldest functioning city of Qatar. Once upon a time it was the center of pearl fishing. Pearl fishing before developing of oil and gas industry had been an important source of income for the country. Al Khor in Arabic means the creek. The city got this name not accidentally.  There is a brook near the town. The first settlements in the city were established   5600 - 5300 years BC. In the city you can visit the fish market and harbor, as well as the local museum. There is a good large local beach, which stretches up to the area of mangrove swamps. Beach resort in the city is just developing, but nevertheless, it can offer one of the most famous hotels in Qatar - "Al-Sultan", built in the form of a huge palace.
  6. The city of Al-Zubara, or in one word, "Zubarev" - a ruined desert city which is located in the north-west coast of the Qatar peninsula (105 km from Doha). It is located in the municipal district of Madinat Al-Shamal state of Qatar. This city is practically non-residential - it is only of historical value. Tourists come here for the museum. Within the city there is a decent park Al Daluf. The number of local people living in the city - is only 826 people. There is a good sandy beach here. The area is considered one of the best places for diving.
  7. Region Umm Salal Mohammed - it has the famous tower "Barzan". It is an ancient observatory, which is made of clay, stone and plaster. By the way, such observatory is the only one in the Persian Gulf.
  8. Al-Shahani. Это один из лучших пляжных курортных городов Катара. Тут посетите известный пальмовый остров, ипподром верблюдов и зоопарк Аль-Досару.
  9. Al-Wakrah is small town (about 30,000 residents). There is an old fort here. Also you can visit the various exhibitions that are held here annually.
  10. Al-Thani - is an ancient historic city that was once used for sea border. The city is known for its ruins and the old fort. We recommend you to visit the old fort, which nowadays is used as a historical museum.
Qatar Qatar Qatar
Qatar Qatar Qatar
Qatar Qatar Qatar


What to do in Qatar

  • Beach vacation:
    Qatar has well developed beach vacation industry. It has some of the best beaches of the Arabian Gulf.
  • Water sports and diving:
    The best diving resort in Qatar is located near Al-Zubar.
  • Sailing boats and windsurfing are also well developed in Qatar.
  • Cruise vacation and Yachting:
    Cruise holidays are also developed in Qatar. The most ships are floating around the peninsula of Qatar. You can also rent a boat.
  • Guided tours and visiting the museums:
    You can visit the various excursions, go to other cities, as well as visit the historical museums.
  • Safari:
    In Qatar, there are tours to the desert in special vehicles. During such safari you can take a ride on the big dunes.
  • Golf:
    Qatar has the best golf courses of all the countries in the Persian Gulf.
  • Restaurants:
    In the resort towns there is a high concentration of restaurants. We recommend you to visit local restaurants with local cuisine.

Qatar Qatar Qatar

Qatar Qatar Qatar
Qatar Qatar Qatar


Cuisine of Qatar


The original cuisine of Qatar is unknown. But it is believed to be similar to Arabic cuisine. The modern Cuisine of Qatar has many common ingredients with other Asian countries (Pakistan, Iran, India…). The main ingredient is fish and other seafood. Dates, sour apples and almonds (these fruits grow in the country) belong to delicates. They are used as ingredients for many dishes.
The most common meat is lamb and goat. Among drinks - fruit juices and coffee. Coffee in Qatar is of the highest quality. There are even a few different recipes for coffee. Among which Turkish coffee enjoys great popularity.

To the popular national dishes in Qatar belong:
1) Biryani – is spicy rice with  lamb or chicken.
2) Hummus – made of paste of tahini, chickpeas and sesame seeds.
3) Mahbus – is a stew with rice and seafood.
4) Barak Enab – grape leaves stuffed with rice.
5) Gyuzi – is roasted and smoked lamb. It is served with a "cushion" of rice with nuts.6) Mahshi Koussa - stuffed zucchini.
7) Tabulle - it is a dish of bulgur and wheat flavored with mint and parsley.
8) Mutabal - is a paste made of eggplant, tahini and garlic.
9)  Lavash - traditional Arabic bread.
10) Umm Ali - is a bread pudding. It is made from pieces of puff pastry that are mixed with raisins and almonds. It is poured with milk and sugar and is baked. It is served with special cream.
11) Mahalyabiya - it is a traditional Qatar`s dessert from milk, starch, sugar, and also of floral water, pistachios and cinnamon. The dish is boiled. But it is served both hot and cold.
12) Ash Asaraya - it's sort of a Arabic "Cheesecake". The cake made of cottage cheese, which is poured with cream.

The cuisine of Qatar meets the strict standards of halal (Islamic norms for food). Alcoholic drinks are forbidden. They are also not allowed to transport and store in Qatar. You can drink them only in expensive hotels and restaurants with the corresponding resolution.


Qatar Qatar Qatar
Qatar Qatar Qatar


What to Buy in Qatar:Qatar is a good place for shopping. Qatar has so developed network of stores and malls as in United Arab Emirates, but the prices are a little lower than in Dubai (UAE). Many stores run sales on the season, which is reflected on the prices of certain goods.


The List of worth buying items in Qatar:

1) Gold (gold may be of a weak test, but the quality of the product is good enough);
2) Textiles and fabrics (they are inexpensive, but pretty good ones).
3) Spices and seasonings are of every taste and color. Arab cuisine is rich on them, so they are sold here to every taste and color.


Qatar Qatar Qatar


Useful information about Qatar

Visa: visa fee is $ 33. It can be opened directly in the airport of Doha. But anyway - it is necessary to book and receive confirmation from the Hotel. Visas can be also  received in ambassador of Qatar in your country. In such a case the visa is issued, and the documents are processed within 30 days. A tourist visa is issued for 14 days. It can be extended by another 14 days in the local branches of the Department of Immigration.


Concerning the level of law-abiding citizens, Qatar - is one of the safest countries in the world. The crime rate in Qatar is very low. For example, in any areas of the country, even at night you can feel safety of any aggression of locals. 


VERY IMPORTANT: Do not bring into Qatar alcohol, pork , drugs, weapons (even cold), electrical appliances that run on no generally accepted standards,  print, video, and audio editions prohibited by Islam (for example,  erotic publications). There is no any restriction on the export of anything out of the country.
It is also important to remember that it is forbidden to bring and store alcohol in Qatar. The punishment is so strict as drug storage in European countries. Drink alcohol only in authorized locations. For example: in bars, restaurants and hotels, which have the appropriate permission for selling alcohol.


Also, there are some restrictions:

1) It is strictly forbidden for Non-Muslims to enter  the mosque.
2) To insult or criticize the monarch and his family, as well as to speak out against the political regime;
3) To film government agencies, military bases, police, airports, inside decoration  of mosques. It is also prohibited to take pictures of local women and priests.
4) Women are not encouraged to wear open or tight clothes (especially mini skirts) in public places, except the hotel's beach.) And men can not wear too short shorts or sleeveless shirts.


It is not recommended to talk to a locals about private life (except family), about religion and local politics.


Despite all the restrictions and recommendations - Qatar is one of the most open Muslim country, comparing with many other Muslim countries.


Despite all the restrictions and recommendations - Qatar is one of the most open Muslim country, comparing with many other Muslim countries.
You should always remember about high concentration of sunlight and elevated levels of ultraviolet radiation. It is recommended to use sun cream, wear sun hats and sunglasses. The risk of infectious diseases is quite low so it is not necessarily make vaccination before visiting the country. It is also recommended to be careful when swimming in tropical waters (do not touch the unknown you fish, sea urchins, and so on).


In restaurants and hotels tipping is not necessary. Many establishments already include extra charge for such services.


Interesting Facts

  • Qatar is one of the richest countries in the World
  • Despite its size, Qatar is one of the largest exporters of oil and gas in the world. It is also the largest exporter of liquefied natural gas in the world.
  • Social security in Qatar is one of the best in the world.
  • There is no poverty in Qatar. All citizens are wealthy people. Many of them work only for pleasure.
  • Almost all locals speak English as a second mother tongue. The fact is that from the beginning of the 20th century and up to 71 years Qatar was under British protectorate.
  • In order to become a citizen of Qatar - you must be born from one of the citizens of Qatar. There is no other way.
  • Week in Qatar starts on Sunday. Friday and Saturday are the weekends.
  • Alcohol and pork is strictly prohibited. Alcohol can only be consumed in places licensed for selling. For example: in bars, hotels and restaurants. But it is not allowed to bring and store it in Qatar.
  • Qatar is one of the safest countries in the world. It has very low crime rate, and low morbidity.
  • The most famous Arab TV channel AlDzhazira is located in Qatar.
  • Locals are very fond of watching sports. More and more sports fields and stadiums are being built in the country. But we should emphasize, the Qataris like to watch sports, not to participate in it.
  • The World Cup "FIFA 2022" will be held in Qatar in 2022
  • The world's first large outdoor football stadiums with air conditioning will have been built in Qatar for the World Cup 2022.
  • Qataris tend to longevity. The standard of living in Qatar is high. In average people live 70 - 78 years. According to statistics, Qatar has a large number of Centenarians.


Conclusions about Qatar

The State of Qatar is a small desert Arab country, which is located on a small peninsula of the Arabian Peninsula and is washed by the Persian Gulf. The country is interesting for beach holiday makers and desert safari fans. Holidays in the country, first of all, will be interesting for beach tourism and desert safaris. The country has an absolute monarchy. So you should remember it is forbidden to criticize the authorities, store and transport the alcohol and pork, as well as violate the rules of Islam and the laws of the country.
Tourism is mostly concentrated in the capital - Doha. But other cities have also attractions.
In spite of the political regime and its small size - Qatar is one of the richest and most modern countries in the world. Qatari people are rich; they have highly developed system of social security. The economy of the country is high and it is based on the export of oil and gas. The crime rate is quite low, and the standard of living is high. For this reason, the country is also one of the safest countries in the world.
Qatar Qatar Qatar
Qatar Qatar Qatar

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