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Official name: "Republic of Singapore";

Capital: Singapore;

Area of Singapore: 714.3 km. sq;

Geographical position: South-East of Asia;

Climate of Singapore: equatorial;

Population of Singapore: 4 987 600 people;

Ethnic groups in Singapore: Chinese - 76.8%, Malays-13.9%, Indians - 7.9%, a small group of Arabs, Jews, Thai, Armenian, Japanese and Euro-Asians;

Official language of Singapore: English, Chinese (Mandarin), Malay, Tamil (Indian);

Religion: Buddhism, Islam, Christianity, Taoism and Hinduism;

Currency: Singapore Dollar (SGD, code 702);

Internet domain of Singapore: .sg;

Phone code of Singapore: +65;

Local Time: UTC +8.


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Flag of Singapore 


Map of Singapore 


Coat of arms of Singapore 


Information about Singapore

The Republic of Singapore is a country in Southeast Asia with the same-named capital. The republic has the area of 607 It comprises of mainland and 63 smaller islands. . The main island is located 137 km. north to the equator. The length of the island from the East to West is 42 km, and from the North to South is 23 km.

Singapore Singapore Singapore


The geographical position of Singapore

The Republic of Singapore is a city-state, which is located on the islands in Southeast Asia. Singapore is separated from Indonesia by the Singapore Strait and from Malaysia by the Strait of Jahor. It shares borders with the Malaysian Sultanate of Johor and Riau islands (Indonesia).
Since the 1960s, the area of Singapore has been increasing due to the program of reclamation area, now it is 714.3 km. square. The area of the state consists of the mainland and many smaller islands, of which the largest are Ubin, Sentosa and Semakau-Tekong Besar. The highest point is Bukit Timah Hill (163.3 m).




Photos of Singapore

Singapore Singapore Singapore

Climate of Singapore

Singapore has an equatorial climate, as the island is located in the equatorial zone. Temperature variations in climate are not noticeable – the average temperature in January is 1C colder than in June. Rains are frequent - from 170 to 250 mm. a month. The lower temperature is 19.4 C and the highest +36, 0° C.


Flora and fauna of Singapore

Singapore City is a very green city. City authorities carefully monitor the protection and development of nature in the city: orchids grow here right on the lawns, and the National Nature Reserve occupies a large part of the island. Also, there are more than 10 parks there.
Natural vegetation of Singapore is the tropical rainforest, but most of them were destroyed and given to agriculture, urban development and water tanks. The wild equatorial vegetation has remained only in the North and North-West of the island. Reserve Bukit Timan is known for its very large area of wild forest. Here there are more than 800 species of native plants, including the giant trees, flowering plants and ferns.
There were tigers in the island, but they disappeared in the early 1930s (in 1932, the last tiger was shot on the island). To the list of the disappeared species also belong "barking" deer and some species of monkeys. With the development of the island the forest birds were replaced by the urban species.

The forest reserves were established in the beginning of the century in order to protect the plants and animals.
They protect a large population of long-tailed macaques, lemurs, drongo, reticulated pythons, and the white-bellied sea eagle. Natural Park Sung-Buloh is located on wetlands, it is the wintering area for migratory birds from all the eastern part of the Asian continent.

Singapore Singapore Singapore


History of Singapore 

The real history of Singapore began in the 18th century, when the British established a colony there, built a military and trading base, and agreed with Malaysia about mutual trading. Sir Raffles (originated from England) is the main person in the history of Singapore. Today, he is worshiped as a hero on the island - the street, subway stations and hotels were named after his name. And the British erected the monument to him near the Parliament. The Republic received its Independence in 1965. . The first president of Singapore reasonably used a favorable geographical position, fiscal policy, and because of hard-working population, the garden city has been built just for 30 years.


Culture of Singapore 

Culture of Singapore has absorbed all cultures of peoples who live there. The Chinese and Malaysian cultures have the main influence. There are also Indians and Arabian traditions. Figuratively entire culture in Singapore can be named as the mixed Asian culture, Since Singapore is a young country and its own culture has not completely formed yet.
Singapore Singapore Singapore

Where to go and what to see in Singapore
To the most interesting places in Singapore belong: the impressive  Empress Place Building (1865), which was built in the Victorian style (it has  a museum, art galleries and expensive restaurant), the Houses of Parliament (XIX c.), The Supreme Court, City Hall, Concert Hall and Victoria Theatre, the complex Padang, the luxury hotel, "Raffles", the Anglican Cathedral of St. Andrew, the Roman Catholic Cathedral , the Armenian Church of St. Gregory and ancient saint cemetery on the  Fort Canning Hill. Also advisable  to visit one of the most beautiful buildings of the colonial era - the Institute of St. Joseph, the Singapore Art Museum at Bras Basah Road, and National Museum at Stamford Road, the statue of Sir Stamford Raffles, the numerous skyscrapers such as Singapore-Land Tower and Art Deco-Caltex House, the picturesque 'boat areas "Clarke Quay and Boat Quay, transformed into a luxury shopping and entertainment centers, as well as world famous street of skyscrapers - Orched Road with its famous palaces" Peranakan "," Istana ", and  Hindu Temple.  Now we give you more detailed list of interesting places in Singapore.

  1. The business district of Singapore. The central business district of Singapore's includes business, Colonial and Chinese districts. It is known as the heart of the city. It has lots of   modern skyscrapers and road junctions. Business district is the symbol of the dynamic development of Singapore, with its unique architectural style. The district is especially beautiful and charming at night. The majority of offices and banks, luxury hotels, as well as the expensive nightclubs and restaurants are concentrated on the main street of the business district - Orchard Road. This area can be called "Little New York" and Orchard Road - the "Street of skyscrapers." In addition to such grandiose skyscrapers as Singapore-Land Tower, and Art-Deco-Caltex House, it has the highest in Southeast Asia, "The Fountain of Wealth." Another attraction is the Suntec City - business complex of six buildings built on the principles of the ancient Taoist practice of feng shui.
    The Orched Road continues to surprise: it has the oldest park in the country - Singapore Botanic Gardens, which was built in 1859, the last pristine areas of the tropical forest have been protected here. The highlight of the Botanical Garden is the national park of orchids "Mandala". On its territory there are over 60 thousand of these beautiful plants. You can even buy the pride of the local craftsmen - jewelry made from orchids, which are coated with a thin layer of gold.
  2. Ethnic district.
    - Chinatown is the cultural heart of Singapore. It has old architecture, numerous churches, ornamental garden and many markets and shops. Unfortunately, in the middle of the XX century, the biggest part of the Chinese quarter was destroyed and it is now extensively remodeled. Tourists will be interested in old shops in Tanjong Pagar, temples- Tian Keng, Wak Hai Cheng Biot, Kong-Men-San, Nagorno-Durga Shrin, and others, as well as one of the most spectacular mosques in the city - Al- Abrar and ancient Hindu temple - Sri Mariamman.
    - "Arab street". Kampong Glam is the Muslim center of Singapore. It is noisy area with lots of markets where you can buy batik, silk, carpets, sarongs and other clothes. It has the main city mosque - Masjid Sultan( which dome is made of gold),  the small mosque Jamaat,  the Palace Istana Kampong Glam, the old market Serai, colorful "Indian mosque," an unusual Fatima  Haji Mosque  with "falling minaret" , Golden Mile Complex and "Thai Village".
    - The Area of "Little India" is pretty modest, but at the same time it is very bright area with its colorful saris, fragrant spices, markets and great restaurants. The main attractions of the area is the center Zhudziao (Tecca, "principal market"), and numerous colorful spice shops, arcade Little Indiana, fifteen – meters high statue of the sitting Buddha, the temple of Sri Srinivasa Perumal and the charming "Temple of 1000 lights" on Race Course Road.
  3. Parks of Singapore. The city has a lot of parks, which play role not only of green space, but also contain within its territory many cultural and recreational or sports facilities. To the most interesting parks belong:  Blanga-Hill, Tiong Bahru, Pearls Hill City, Mount Faber in the southern part of the city, in the northern part- Crawford, the East Coast and Marina City - on the East, and small parks in the historical part of the city - Espleneyd, War Memorial Park, Fort Canning, the famous Japanese and Chinese gardens, cultural and historical park "City of Tang Dynasty" (reconstruction of the ancient Chinese capital Chaani) and others.
  4. Singapore Zoo - is well-known part of any tourism routes of the city. The zoo has more than 2000 species and a characteristic feature of the zoo is the lack of any grids and fences around the habitats of animals. Planned with great skills, the zoo isolates the viewer from the animals by natural barriers. They are mainly invisible and provide the inhabitants free existence. The night safari are also organized here, it is passing through the most interesting places of the park and the surrounding forests.
  5. Jurong area, which is located in the southwest of the city center, very much like an independent city. It has one of the largest oil complexes in the world and a modern port. In spite of being a big “engine” of the Singapore economy, the region has very clean and beautiful area. In Jurong you can visit villas such as Au-pair with a Chinese park, watch more than 600 species of birds in the park of birds, walk in the Reptile Park (home to about 2.5 thousand different species). And do not forget to visit the center of research and scientific technology, "Discovery".
    Jurong has many museums: the Museum of the Navy Museum, the Museum of fish, the Museum of the Air Force, World War II Memorial (including the Japanese concentration camp), and the Museum of Asian Civilizations. The city has numerous statues of mythical lion-fish, which is a symbol of this wonderful paradise island.
    In the northeastern part of the island there is the structure a "model city of the XXI century", which has everything what the modern man needs for the perfect holidays: the beaches, parks, sports and leisure clubs, shops, restaurants and cinemas. Everything - what you wish!
  6. Sentosa. It is interesting and small Island - only 3 square . km.  It is an island resort, island vacation, island dream ... located to the South of the mainland. This is where you will find various types of entertainment: attractions, restaurants. Being in Sentosa visit the amusement park "Vulkanolend» and the Musical Fountains. Of course, in order to become better acquainted with the culture of the island we recommend you to go to the Museum of Singapore and the Museum of rare stones. You should also visit the Butterfly Park (really amazing place). Ladies will enjoy the famous Sentosa Flower terrace and unique Garden of spices. Couples will like the aquarium "Andervater-World" with an underwater 100 meters long transparent tunnel and see the dolphins in "Dolphy Lagoon." Believe me, the list of interesting and entertaining places in Sentosa is very big ... Do not forget about cultural and historical park "Village of the Tang Dynasty", and enjoy the panorama of Singapore from the highest observation tower. It is also a big pleasant to lie on the beach, basking in the white sand, which is imported from the islands of Oceania.
    There are no cars on Sentosa, so it is a kind of paradise without noisy and polluting vehicles. Sometimes you can see only tourist buses. This island is the perfect place for those who want to escape from noisy busy city.
    There are always a lot of tourists on Sentosa Island. Some fashionable hotels with excellent beaches have been built for them; the island has also the public beaches. Tourists can go to the fascinating Singapore History Museum, the Museum of the Second World War, visit the dolphin show or a show of fountains. If you look in general, the island resembles a large park, so take a walk here and relax. The plans of the local authorities are to build the children's amusement park and a huge shopping center on the island. The construction has already begun, but it will not disturb your rest, because it is separated from the recreational area, so you can see it only from the cable car on the way to the island from the mainland. 
  7. Pulau Ubin. The island is located to the northeast of the mainland and the costal water is calm and clean there. There are many lovely fishing villages with peaceful and friendly people and a couple of tiny churches there. On Pulau Ubin you can relax on the beach and in the evening to go to one of the nicest restaurants to enjoy the local cuisine.
  8. Southern islands. These islands have excellent conditions for water entertainment. For example, the Sister Islands are known for their beautiful coral reefs, the perfect place for diving. Lazarus Islands (Sakidzhang-Pelepah) Buran Darat, Terumba- Retan- Laut-and Pulau  Renggit – are good  for surfing. The islands are also wonderful places for yachting and sailing.
Singapore Singapore Singapore
Singapore Singapore Singapore


What to do in Singapore


  • Zoo:
    Singapore has one of the best zoos in the world. More than 3,200 species of mammals, birds, fish and reptiles live in the "open" zoo, on the area of 28 hectares. There are no cages in the zoo; the most animals are kept in their natural inhabitants. Only moat separates visitors from the wild beasts. You can make the excellent pictures here, as there are no cages in the zoo. For the fee of about $ 6, you can even feed the monkeys, kangaroos and other not dangerous animals. In addition, the zoo arranges variety shows of animals, for example feeding lions or polar bear, sea lion show or elephants show and so on.
  • Night Safari (Night Zoo):
    During the Night Zoo Safari you can watch animals, which are active at night. As the zoo has no cages, so you can see animals in their natural habitat. Visitors ride on open tram, and the animals are just 3-5 meters from the road. Night Safari Zoo is open from 19 to 23 o'clock.
  • Visit the bird park:
    Singapore reserves are home to many unique birds. The unique conditions for birds, close to their natural environment are created in special sections. For example, there is the Atlantic area section for penguins and the special inhabitants with simulation of tropical storms for the birds of South-East Asia. The most popular tourist attraction is the section "Waterfall", where over fifteen hundred species of African birds fly freely. "Riverina", imitating the natural river environment, is also very popular. There are more than 20 species of ducks, fish and turtles there. The tourists can also enjoy many shows – show of predators, show of parrots (parrots play basketball and sing the anthem), show of pelicans and flamingos, etc.
  • Visit the Oceanarium (Sentosa):
    In Oceanarium "Underwater World Singapore» there is thousands species of fish. Take the most exciting walk through transparent 83 meter long underwater tunnel, where you have the opportunity to see the underwater world from the inside. Sharks, rays and huge schools of other fish are swimming around you.
  • Golf:
    Even if you've never tried to play golf - you will have the perfect opportunity to learn it in Singapore. In the city and on the island of Sentosa this kind of entertainment is not too expensive - about $ 150 per game per person (including rental of equipment).
  • Nightlife:
    In the building of the old power plant there is the loudest and largest city disco. You can choose one of 9 rooms with different music.  A huge entertainment and restaurant complex is located in the place called Clarke, earlier there were warehouses and docks there. There are many restaurants, including the classic European on Dempsey Road in the former British barracks there.
  • Shopping:
    Singapore is one of the world-famous and very popular shopping centers. In shopping conditions it is in some ways ahead of the UAE and Greece. Here you can buy things of all brands. You will find dozens of the world's leading fashion boutiques there. Singapore is a tax-free transit zone, so the prices are usually a bit lower than in Europe or the U.S., and much lower than in Moscow. Electronics can be bought for 15-20 percent cheaper than in Russia. Most stores are open till 20:00, and the central "Shopping" in Orchard Road till 21 or even till 22 00. Sales tax - 7% can be returned at the airport on departure, if you show a special "Tax-Free" receipt (demand it in shops).  There is Terminals "Tax-Free" in almost every shop of the city center. You should pack the most expensive purchases in an easily accessible place, because by the demanding sales tax you can be asked by the customs to show the item.
    It should be noted that bargaining in the bazaars and shops will help you as well as in the Middle East. Without this skill, you will quickly waste a lot of money, as the prices offered by traders can be much more expensive than in the most expensive stores in Singapore.

Singapore Singapore Singapore

Singapore Singapore Singapore


Cuisine of Singapore

The cuisine of Singapore is based on three main cuisines: Chinese, Malaysian and Indian.
Spicy Chili lobsters or Chili-crabs are delicious dishes of Singaporean cuisine. Singapore is a paradise for gourmets. After all, there are more than 500 first-class restaurants which will satisfy the most demanding visitor. The restaurants can offer you the best local dishes and outdoor dining with view to the Singapore River.
The food courts (a system of small restaurants and cafes with different cuisines, which are located under the tent on the street or in shopping centers) are very popular in Singapore.  Asian cuisine is the most common, but you can also find and enjoy European. Lunch is not expensive: 4 – 6 local dollars and the portions are not small.
There are many restaurants, from classic Italian to a steakhouse. In tourism places you can find everything from German beer to exotic Japanese, Indian or Thai dishes. On average, you will spend for lunch from 30 to 50 dollars.


Singapore Singapore Singapore
Singapore Singapore Singapore


What to buy in Singapore 1) Household appliances and electronics. The cost of these items in Singapore is on 15 - 20 percent lower than in Russia;
2) Products from crystal;
3) Spices;
4) Gifts, souvenirs dedicated to Singapore, Malaysian and Chinese cultures;
5) Brand clothes, as well as clothing for the middle class;
6) Because of the low taxes and programs Tax-Free, Singapore is one of the best countries for shopping. Here you can buy almost everything that is sold in the world.

Singapore Singapore Singapore
Singapore Singapore Singapore



Interesting Facts about Singapore

  1. Singapore is the third financial centre in the world, after London and New York in economic indicators;
  2. Most of the population originated from China, despite the fact that the neighboring country is Malaysia;
  3. Singapore is on the fifth place in the world in living standards;
  4. Singapore is one of the best countries for shopping.
  5. Before recently cargo port of Singapore has had the 1st place in world turnover (now it is on the second place after Shanghai).
  6. "Singapore" - is not only a country, city, and capital, but also the name of the island and the strait. The word "Singapore" –consists of two words: Malaysian "Sing" and the Sanskrit "Pur", which means "lion city" (but can be also translated as the «City of Lion").
  7. Singapore is located on the equator. So it is the largest equatorial city.
  8. Singapore airport is the 25th largest in the world, but for the construction of terminals, quality of service and receive flight it is one of the best in the world.
  9. In spite of being young country (Singapore has been independent since 1965), the country is one of the leaders (if not the leader) in terms of development.
  10. Singapore has four official national languages: Malaysian, English, Chinese and Tamil (Indian). The main national language is considered Malaysian.
  11. Singapore is the second safest country in the world (after Luxembourg).


Conclusions about Singapore

Singapore is a golden oasis in the South-East of Asia. The government of the country do everything they can to make Singapore one of the most developed and civilized countries of the world. The program "Tax-Free" allow tourists to return some money they spent on purchases. Low taxes and economic state business incentive programs made the system of trade in the country one of the best and profitable in the world.
Despite the fact that Singapore is geographically nearer to Malaysia, its territory mostly populated with Chinese people. But of course, there are many people from Malaysia, India, Arab and other Asian countries. The cuisine and culture of Singapore is deeply influenced by culture of  Chinese people and from other Asian countries.
It should be also noted that Singaporean citizens are among the most law-abiding in the world. There is a punishment here for leaving garbage in the city and insults over the Internet. In Singapore, the crime rate is the lowest in the world. There is death penalty in Singapore.
Singapore has a big concentration of skyscrapers, shops, offices and departments of world-famous brands. Singapore is one of the best business centers in Asia.
Singapore is economical and cultural developed country. It has excellent legal system and high living standards. Many people would prefer to live and work in Singapore.

Singapore Singapore Singapore
Singapore Singapore Singapore
Singapore Singapore Singapore

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