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Area: 1001570 kilometers²

Population: approximately 80.27 million (2011 year)

Official language: Arabic

Capital: Cairo (population 8 million, 2009)

National holiday: The Day of Republic and Independence (the 18th of June), The Day of Revolution (the 23th of July), The Day of Forcing (the 6th of October)

Currency: Egyptian pound (EGP)

Phone code: +20.

Timezone: +2.

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Flag of Egypt


Map of Egypt


Coat of arms of Egypt


About Egypt

Egypt is the land of sun and sea, ancient history and bright light with its charming treasures and glittering white sand. You will admire the ancient Pyramids and the Sphinx, the mystical tombs of the Pharaohs , the mysterious Valley of the Temples and will be charmed with ancient history of its cities.

Cairo is the capital of Egypt, it is located on the banks of the River Nile to the south of the ruin city Memphis, which was built 3000 years ago and had been an ancient capital for a long time. Luxor is a very important archaeological centre, thanks to its temples and a wonderful museum, which is the starting point for cruises on the Nile.

Another center is Abu Simbel, the huge archeological complex of temples built in the rock. It belongs to the World Heritage.


Egypt EgyptEgypt

Sights of Egypt

Among the most important monuments in Cairo are:
Mosque of Ibn Tulun, IX century – one of the largest existing mosques in the world;
Mausoleum of Imam al – Shafi'I, the most impressive Islamic tomb in Egypt, where one of the most venerated Saints of Islam was buried.
Citadel is an enormous castle, which had been the residence of the Egyptian government for 700 years. The large Pyramids with the Sphinx, which belong to the seven wonders of the world.

If you have an opportunity to make a cruise on the Nile, you can visit the following cities: Luxor, Cairo, Edfu, Kom Ombo, Aswan.

  • Karnak temple in Luxor
  • Temple of Pharaoh Ramses II at Abu Simbel
As well as churches, holy places, museums, tombs of pharaohs, the Bedouin villages in the oasis of Fayyum and much more!




Beaches of Egypt


Marine tourism of Egypt conquers new horizons and more tourists are looking for its calmness and beauty. There are many hotels with pools on the banks of the Nile, but to find the real beaches, we strongly recommend you to visit the Red Sea, which is famous for its fantastic coasts and amazing barrier reef, Sharm El-Sheikh, Hurghada, Marsa Alam and El Quseir – are places for vacationers who enjoy sun and the sea, snorkeling and scuba diving – for true connoisseurs of marine life.


Cuisine of Egypt

Egyptian cuisine
isn't represented with savory dishes, but with flavored of excellent quality.

Here are some examples:
Mouloukheya - herbal sweet soup
Foul - puree of lentils, beans, eggplant, seasoned with sesame oil, garlic, salt, cumin and Roman caraway juice.


If you decide to have a snack at a kiosk, take a sandave (classical Egyptian sandwich) which is very popular and delicious.
But if you don't like the fast food, so the most economical solution is to have meal in a family restaurant in a big hotel, where all types of international cuisine are presented.


Nightlife in Egypt

is famous for its nightlife with many restaurants, bars, pubs and also casino on the River Nile. All choices for an enjoyable evening are available in the big hotels. Lovers can book a  night cruise on a felucca, a typical sail boat, to enjoy a quiet night, gliding over the calm water of the river.


Shopping in Egypt

Visiting any Arabian country, traditionally you go to a bazaar. The largest market in Cairo is called Khan-Khalili, where you can find clothes, jewellery, cotton and items from India and Persia.

You can also see more than a thousand shops, including small craft shops of glass, silver, brass, wood and leather. The narrow streets are always crowded. Sounds of old music , broadcasting on the local radio, mules, overloaded with firewood and the slow movement of people is a reality that fascinates. Soon you'll discover that shopping in Egypt is one of the best ways to get acquainted with the country and its culture.

Egypt Egypt Egypt


Interesting facts about Egypt

  1. Lock and keys, comb and scissors, deodorant and make up, toothbrush and toothpaste were invented in ancient Egypt thousand years ago.
  2. Egyptian women were first in history to use cosmetics.
  3. Egypt is home to glass and pottery, as well as cement.
  4. The Egyptians were the first people on the planet who used paper and ink for writing.
  5. The ancient Egyptians were the first who made beer.
  6. In ancient Egypt, some people slept on pillows that were filled with stones.
  7. The ancient Egyptians used pigeons for sending messages to each others.
  8. Great Pyramid of Cheops was built about 4,500 years ago. 2.3 millions huge stone blocks  has been used for its construction, the total mass equals to seven million tons.
  9. The famous Egyptian Sphinx lost its nose in 1798, when Napoleon's soldiers practiced shooting, using it instead of the target.
  10. Do you know why in Egypt, many houses have unfinished roof or even don`t have any? The fact is that while the house has no roof, it is unfinished, and that's why owners do not pay property taxes.
  11. Aswan Dam, which was built to protect fields from floods of the Nile, is the most massive building in the world. The amount of construction material spent on it, 17 times surpassed the Great Pyramid of Cheops.
  12. Ninety-five percent of Egypt is desert.  So it is not difficult to understand why most of Egypt's population lives in five percent of the territory.
  13. The first source of income for Egypt is the fee charged to ships passing through the Suez Canal. The second and third places take oil and tourism.


Conclusions about Egypt

Egypt is an ancient sunny Arabian country. Life here is mostly concentrated in the valley of the river Nile and on the shores of the Red Sea (on the shore of the sea, there are mainly fishing and tourism cities). Egypt is very interesting for tourists first of all because of its rich history, as the Egyptian civilization was the first in the world. From this country begins an ancient history of the world. Its ancient architectural buildings as the pyramids, the Sphinx, the temples of the Egyptian gods, the ancient Egyptian pharaohs are amazing and attract tourists and scientists from all over the world.
 Egypt is also famous for its sun, beaches and the Red Sea, which is the cleanest and richest on flora and fauna. Tourism is developed in tourist towns on the shore of the Red Sea. That’s why beach tourism is as important as sightseeing tourism. There is a big number of high-level hotels in such cities as Hurghada, Sharm El-Sheikh, Marsa Alam and Taba.

Since many people in Egypt are occupied in trading sphere and since the living level in Egypt is not very high - this country may be interesting for "shopping" tourists. You can buy here many good things at relatively low cost.
Egypt is a country where the largest part of budget is being filled through tourism, so they do their best to attract more tourists from all over the World.

Egypt Egypt Egypt

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