South African Republic (SAR)

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The South African Republic (SAR)

Official name of country:  The South African Republic;

Location: South Africa;

Area of country: 1200000 sq. km;

Capital: Pretoria;

Other large cities: Johannesburg, Durban;

Relief: plateau, savanna, desert, mountains;

Climate: temperate (subtropical, dry);

Flag: a 6-color shaped (green, red, blue, black, white, orange); 

Languages: English, local languages (Afrikaans, Ndebele, Xhosa, Zulu, Pedi, Sotho, Tswana, Swazi);

Population: 40800000 persons; 

Ethnic groups: 76% - Africans, 9% - Mestizo, 13% - came from Europe;

Religion: Christianity (80%) and other religions (Hinduism, Islam and Judaism);

Public holidays: Independence Day (April 27), Family Day, National Women's Day, Heritage Day; 

Currency: South African Rand (ZAR, code 4217, 1 dollar = 6 rand);

Internet domain: .za

Phone code: +27;

Time zone: +2;

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South African Republic (SAR)

Flag of South African Republic

South African Republic (SAR)

Map of South African Republic 

South African Republic (SAR)

Coat of arms of SAR


Information about Indonesia (about South African Republic)

The South African Republic (ZAR, Zuid-Afrikaanische Republiek in Dutch) is a land of magnificent scenery and exciting adventures. The richness of flora and fauna attracts visitors from all over the world. Here you can visit the safari in Kruger National Park or travel to St. Lucia to see the hundreds of bird species. You can swim with sharks or watching whales from the shore.

South African Republic (SAR) South African Republic (SAR) South African Republic (SAR)


The geographical position of ZAR and its history

ZAR is located in southern Africa and is washed with two oceans: the Atlantic and Indian. The length of the coastline is 2798 km. The country has land borders with Botswana, Lesotho, Mozambique, Namibia, Swaziland and Zimbabwe.
There are different types of climate zones in the country from dry desert "Namib" to the subtropics. There are Drakensberg Mountains in the East.
The country has an interesting history from it its first tribes of Aborigines, Hoyhoy (Hottentots) and to the last colonialists - the British. The History of ZAR is very tragic:  numerous tribe wars and then bloody conflicts between whites and blacks.  The first Europeans in the Cape of Good Hope were the Dutch. In 1652 they founded the Dutch Cape Colony. In the VIII century,   the most of the territory was inhabited by white settlers, who were named Boers or Afrikaners. At the end of the XVIII century the territory was occupied by British troops, and in 1814 the whole territory of the colony was sold to the British. Boers, who were disappointed with these changes, migrated to the North. In 1899 the war broke out between the Boers and British, which finished in 1902 and brought a complete victory to Britain.  The first president of ZAR was Marthinus Wessel Pretorius. But the real democratic changes happened after the first democratic elections in 1990, after which Mandela came to power. 

South African Republic (SAR) South African Republic (SAR) South African Republic (SAR)
South African Republic (SAR) South African Republic (SAR) South African Republic (SAR)


Flora and Fauna

South Africa (ZAR) is proud of its variety of landscapes, from green forests, rocky deserts and lush grasslands to classical African savannas. South Africa has more than 25,000 plant species, many of them cannot be found anywhere else.  Among representatives of Fauna are jackals, lions, elephants, wild buffaloes, and various kinds of antelopes. There are also 900 species of birds and 200 – snakes, more than 40,000 species of insects and 1,000 species of fish. To enjoy the wildlife visit one of the national parks, where
you can see the "big five" - elephants, lions, black and white rhinos, leopards and buffaloes, as well as cheetahs, giraffes, zebras, various antelopes, hippos and crocodiles.
South African Republic (SAR) South African Republic (SAR) South African Republic (SAR)
South African Republic (SAR) South African Republic (SAR) South African Republic (SAR)
South African Republic (SAR) South African Republic (SAR) South African Republic (SAR)

When to go to ZAR

Since the South African Republic has temperate climate all year round, so plan your trip according what you want to see or do. For example, the winter months (June, July and August) are characterized by the least amount of precipitation. There is no mistake: winter months in ZAR are June, July and August. This is the best time to observe the wild animals as they form herds in search of water. If you want to see the newborn animals, come in September or October.
So autumn, winter, spring is an ideal time to visit the national parks. A hot summer months are good for a beach holiday on the coast. To admire the flowers, choose the spring, but if you want to enjoy the dance of Sardine (a unique phenomenon, when millions of sardines swim up the east coast, attracting over the thousands of dolphins, whales, sharks and birds), then choose a period  from May to July.


Where to go in South Africa

1) Western Cape, Cape Town - is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Africa. Famous for beaches with crystal clear water and vineyards.
2) Garden Route - the coastal area on the west coast of ZAR. Wild forests, rivers, swamps, dunes, lakes and mountains create amazing scenery.
3) Natal, Durban - Africa’s best wildlife parks and natural beaches are in the North of Durban, Drakensberg Mountains are in the west and the world's best golf fields and excellent conditions for fishing are waiting you in the South.
4) Limpopo - is the Northern Province, bordering with Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Botswana. In Limpopo you can enjoy the beautiful landscapes, immerse in the culture of the local population and observe wild animals in their natural environment.
5) Northern Cape - has many cultural attractions and is known for its annual flower show. Northern Cape is also famous for its vineyards; do not miss the chance to taste the wine. Visit the small town of Worcester, Wellington and Ceres, and admire their ancient old buildings, museums, beautiful landscapes and orchards.


Be sure to visit:
6) Kruger National Park - one of the largest wildlife parks in the world.
7) Cape Town (Cape of Good Hope).
8) "Addo Elephant" National Park.
9) Drakensberg National Park (located in the mountains, known for rock art in caves).
10) Johannesburg (city of gold-seekers "Gold Reef City").

South African Republic (SAR) South African Republic (SAR) South African Republic (SAR)


What to do in ZAR

1) Golf – ZAR has the best golf fields in the World.
2) Riding an ostrich. Riding an ostrich requires great skill, but you can make try in Karoo, where there are many ostrich farms. Visit the ostrich race with professional jockeys and later in a local restaurant taste delicacy - the dishes of ostrich meat.
3) Surfing and scuba diving. The long coastline, the connecting of two oceans and unique underwater world creates perfect conditions for diving and surfing. The best place for a surfing is Cape Peninsula to the North of Cape Town.
4) Hiking. For hiking we recommend you "Wild Coast", which is located in the eastern region of ZAR. Cape is one of the most beautiful coastlines in the world. Enjoy the fantastic natural attractions: waterfalls, deserted beaches, pristine forests.
5) Beach with penguins.  To make friendship with these wonderful birds go to the "Boulders Beach" on Cape Peninsula, near Cape Town. The public beach is located away from the penguin colony, but this is not a hindrance for the penguins to run at your feet, take your towel and steal food out of bags.
6) Cage diving with white sharks. If you want to swim with white sharks without being eaten by them, experience the world of cage diving. Dive in the cage among sharks .it is a relatively new form of extreme water sports. Most companies which offer this extreme adventure are located in an area known as the "Alley of sharks" in Gaansbay (2 hours drive from Cape Town).

South African Republic (SAR) South African Republic (SAR) South African Republic (SAR)


Cuisine in ZAR The mixture of various nationalities and cultures has reflected in the culinary arts of ZAR. Each nation has brought its contribution to its development. Dutch planted gardens with pumpkin, pineapple, watermelon, cucumbers and potatoes. Slaves from the East, mainly from Malaysia, brought a variety of spices.  The French brought wine,  the German - bakery products, and the British - meat pies.


A list of national dishes of South Africa:

Boer (Dutch Chicken Pie) with various flavors;
Bobotie - meat pie of lamb or beef, containing raisins, apples, almonds and spices;
Frikkadels - "little hamburgers", seasoned with nutmeg and wrapped in cabbage leaves;
Mechow - beer made from corn flour;
Rice pudding;
Melktert - milk cream pie;
We also suggest you try the traditional dishes dried meat and dried fruit


What to eat in South Africa

Prices for food and beverages are middle. It is better to buy food at the markets, which offers an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables, meat products (beef, goat, pork), as well as exotic products such as meat alligator or ostrich. In coastal areas you can enjoy a variety of seafood at low prices: oysters, shellfish, meat skate and sardines. Buying in the market, do not forget to bargain. Restaurants in big cities are expensive, but dinner in a small cafe costs about 20 Euros.

South African Republic (SAR) South African Republic (SAR) South African Republic (SAR)
South African Republic (SAR) South African Republic (SAR) South African Republic (SAR)


What to buy in South Africa

- Traditional South African souvenirs (the skins of animals, products Beaded Zulu, as well as clothing, bags and belts);
- Soap stone, wooden sculptures and colorful paintings on cloth;
- equipment for golf (expensive but exclusive);
- Jewelers , gold and diamonds.



The South African Republic is a beautiful place, located in the South of Africa. Here you can see the richest landscape: the desert, the African savannah, mountains, grasslands, and swim in two oceans (Atlantic and Indian). Climate of ZAR is temperate. The fauna of the country is also very rich. Many rare animals such as elephants, crocodiles, hippos, rhinos, buffaloes, leopards  and many others  are represented here.
Tourists should be aware that our summer months (June, July and August are winter months in ZAR and vice verse.
This country has very interesting and unique customs and traditions. Since ZAR is inhabited by various ethnic groups of blacks to whites (immigrants from Europe) they influenced much on local customs, traditions and culture.
Unfortunately ZAR is not very cheap for tourists. Tourists who want to spend a holiday at high level should pay much. But in general, for tourists who prefer to have more simple holidays the prices are middle.

The most popular sport in ZAR is golf, soccer and rugby. Golf attracts more and more tourists. In 2010 Soccer World Cup was held in ZAR, it was the first World competition in the history of Africa.  The country spent much money for preparing this championship. That`s why, the soccer stadiums in ZAR are considered to be the best in Africa. It is worth noting that the South African soccer fans use culture-specific musical instrument to create special sounds in the stadiums. This tool is called "Vuvuzela". So if you're a football fan, you can buy this instrument as a souvenir. More information about World Cup you can read the article about the World Cup in South Africa.
ZAR can suggest many activities and advantages among them s golf, which is very developed and quite popular in this country (ZAR has excellent golf fields), riding an ostrich and cage diving with white sharks.
The country has also developed vip-tourism. There are many luxury hotels in ZAR and VIP-tourists can make  first-class holiday here.

South African Republic (SAR) South African Republic (SAR) South African Republic (SAR)
South African Republic (SAR) South African Republic (SAR) South African Republic (SAR)

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