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Official name: Republic of Seychelles;

Сapital: Victoria (the smallest capital in the world);

Area: 405;

Geographical Location: archipelago in the Indian Ocean (near the south-east coast of Africa, to the South of the equator and to the north-east of Madagascar);

Climate: tropical;

Population: 78,000 people;

Ethnic groups: 95% Creole (a mixture of French and British colonists with the descendants of African slaves), Africans, Indians and Chinese;

Language: Creole and English, the locals speak Creole ( French mixed with English and Malagasy dialect);

Religion: Catholics (90%), Protestant (8%);

Currency: Seychelles rupee ($ 1 - 5.5 Rs) (reduction SCR);

Visa: visa-free stay for up to 30 days. (You should have a passport; return air ticket and money 50 dollars for each day);

Internet domain Seychelles: sc;

Area code Seychelles: 248;

Seychelles Local Time: UTC +4.

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Flag of Seychelles  


Map of Seychelles 


Coat of arms of Seychelles 


Information about Seychelles 

Seychelles is a truly paradise on the Earth. Beautiful nature, sandy beaches, numerous coconut palms, luxury hotels and delicious cuisine attract more and more tourists from all over the world. Untouched nature exists side by side with luxury hotels. Mass tourism has not violated the pristine beauty of nature, but rather contributed to its development (40% of the area is under the protection of national parks).


Seychelles Seychelles Seychelles


Geographical position of Seychelles 

The archipelago is located in the Indian Ocean (near the south-east coast of Africa, to the South of the equator and to the north-east of Madagascar). The archipelago consists of 115 islands, of which 20 are inhabited. The largest are Mahe, Praslin, La Digue and Sileet. The islands are divided into the granite (igneous), and coral. Relief is mostly hilly The highest peak is the Mount Morne Seyshelua (914 meters above sea level).There are numerous plains between hills, they are covered with white coral sand. Palm and fern trees grow on sand, forming a tropical forest.

Pictures from Seychelles 

Seychelles Seychelles Seychelles


Climate of Seychelles 

The climate is tropical. There are two seasons in year: hot (December to May) with an average temperature of 29 C and cool (June - November) with an average temperature of 24 C. From early December until mid-January may be heavy rain, but they are not long.


History of Seychelles 

Many scientists believe that Seychelles are the remains of the ancient continent of Lemuria. According to some sources, the Arab sailors were first to discover the archipelago, located on their trade route. Here they stopped to renew their stocks. Until the 10th century the Seychelles had not been populated. From 1680-1730 the island served as a refuge for pirates, who had been expelled from the Caribbean. Even now, the locals tell stories about treasure buried on the islands, and gold coins are periodically thrown to the shore. Officially, the Seychelles were discovered by Vasco da Gama in 1501. In 1756, French colonists settled in the archipelago and planted plantations; they used slaves from Africa and Madagascar. That's when the archipelago gained its present name in honor of the French Minister of Finance, Moreau de Seychelles. After Napoleon's defeat, according to the Treaty of Paris, the British took possession of the islands. In 1835 slavery was abolished. In 1897 the island was administratively separated from England, and received the status of a colony. As a result of the struggle for independence in 1975 Seychelles became an autonomous colony, and on June 29, 1975 was proclaimed the independence and James Mancha became the first president, but the next year, as a result of revolution, France Albert Rene overtook the power.


Flora and fauna of Seychelles 

By origin Seychelles are divided into the granite and coral islands. Flora and fauna of granite islands is much more diverse and richer than of coral. Tropical forests with palm trees, pandanus and tree-ferns dominate on the granite islands. Only coconut palms grow on the coral islands. Because of the fact that during million years the Seychelles have been isolated from the continent, they have unique flora and fauna. For example, palm coco-de-mere grows only in the Seychelles; its nut weighs about 20 pounds and is considered to be the largest in the plant world. Locals say that it was the legendary forbidden fruit to Adam and Eve. Except palm trees and ferns there are many lemon, banana, apple, mango, coffee, pepper and orange trees on the islands. Also here you can find a large variety of orchids, among them the dove orchid, coconut orchid, and the orchid, which is known as vanilla throughout the world. The rich vegetation attracts millions of birds of bright coloration and different size - they are called paradise birds. Among them we should note bird-chaise with a huge yellow beak, frigates, banana bird and black parrot. By the way, locals believe that the meeting with a black parrot brings good luck. Among the wildlife you can meet the giant elephant turtles, which can reach a weight of 300 kg. It should be noted that there are no dangerous animals and poisonous insects on the island.

Seychelles Seychelles Seychelles
Seychelles Seychelles Seychelles
Seychelles Seychelles Seychelles
Seychelles Seychelles Seychelles
Where to go in the Seychelles 
  • Mahe Island is the largest island of the archipelago. It is very popular with beach lovers. It has many big and small beaches (over 70), the longest and the most popular among them is Beau Vallon Beach. There are many bars and restaurants on the beaches; they offer a variety of entertainment - diving, windsurfing, sailing and other water sports. Visit Seychelles Morne Park and the Royal Garden, which contain exotical plants and Botanical Garden Mont Fleuri, where the famous Coco de Mer grows. Near the island of Mahe, there are four small islands, where the National Marine Park St. Anne is located. Walking on a glass-bottomed boat will bring you much fun. It is a great place for diving, where you will find a variety of tropical fish, rays and giant turtles, and of course, hundreds of species of coral.
  • Praslin Island - romantic, beautiful beaches with tiny cozy restaurants waiting for you day and night. Be sure to visit the May Valley, where the famous symbol of the country - the Coco de Mer grows.
  • Cousin Island (2 km from Praslin) - a nature reserve for several species of endangered animals and place of nesting of sea birds and turtles. If you are followed by two huge turtles, do not worry it's George and Dzheordzhina, they will be happy, if you pat their necks.
  • Bird Island. Bird Island got its name because of two million black terns, nesting here. A small hotel allows you to stay for a few days in the kingdom of birds and turtles. At night you will not be disturbed, but with the first rays of the sun begins multi voices orchestra. The oldest and largest in the world sea turtle – Esmeralda lives also on the island, its age is over 150 years, and it has been entered into the Book of Guinness Records as the heaviest turtle in the world, its weighs is about 304 kg. The island is surrounded by a ring of coral that provides excellent opportunities for diving.
  • North Island. Amazing island, which combines luxury hotels and wilderness. The island provides excellent conditions for the VIP-tourism. It offers spacious villas located on the pristine beaches and high level service. Hiking along the coast, mountain biking or four-wheel buggy will give you a wonderful feeling of unity with nature. Skilled instructors of diving and fishing organize exciting adventures for you. Finally, North Island Spa will help you to get rid of tension and stress. Talented doctors, beauticians and masseurs will choose individual care program for you face and body.
  • Silhouette Island. Pristine nature, free from modern progress is a great place for nature lovers. There are no roads, no cars - you can only travel on foot along paths crossing the dense virgin forest, where you'll find a huge variety of rare animals and plants. During many years the island has been a refuge for pirates. Legend says that treasures are hidden in the holes of rocks and cliffs. You can try your luck..
  • Frigate Island. An ideal place for a romantic secluded relaxation. In the past, the island was a refuge for pirates, at the present time it has a magnificent orchard. Emerald-green tropical vegetation attracts millions of birds. Here you can find hundreds of cardinals, coconut birds, terns and frigates. It is also home for a large number of tortoises.

Seychelles Seychelles Seychelles
Seychelles Seychelles Seychelles


What to do in the Seychelles 

  1. Beach vacation. Coastline of Seychelles is about 491 km. It boasts the white coral sand and clear water. The longest beach is Beau Vallon, which is located on the island of Mahe. The beach boasts clear water and pleasant sand. Nearby you will find many cafes and restaurants. East coast beaches of the island Praslin are very popular and the island La Digue is famous for its pink-colored coral sand.
  2. Water sports. The warm coastal water contribute to the development of water sports such as snorkeling (snorkeling), diving, surfing, windsurfing, water skiing and yachting. Equipment for snorkelling can be taken at the hotel or on the beach. Coral reefs and clear water provides excellent opportunities for watching the underwater world and its inhabitants. The most popular place for surfing is Grand Anse beach on the island Mahe, there you can catch a two-meter wave. It should be noted that the sea at the beaches in the eastern part of the island are quieter than in the western. The best time for surfing is a period from November to April.
  3. Seychelles Islands is a paradise for both beginners and professional divers. Underwater fauna of islands includes about 100 species of coral, 900 species of fish, including butterfly fish, stone fish, razor fish, blue marlin, swordfish, brown and green moray eels and, of course, huge sea turtles. The best places for diving are National Marine Park of St. Anne on the island of Mahe, coral reefs and islands of Alphonse, Dennis and atoll-reserve Alzhabra.
  4. Fishing - Indian Ocean is full of fish. Here you can catch a tuna, barakkudu, tiger shark, and the most wished trophy, the blue sword fish or blue marlin, weighing 400 kg. The best places for deep sea fishing is the island's coastal water near Denis. At this place six world records were set. You have also a good chance to beat them: boats, recognized by international association of fishermen, provide an opportunity to register new records.
  5. Ecotourism. Because of its isolation, the archipelago has a unique flora and fauna. About 40% of the Seychelles area is protected by law as national park. We recommend you to visit the National Park near the city of Victoria, where you can admire many exotic plants, the National Marine Park, Valley Mae on Praslin are the only places on the Earth where the symbol of the country coco-de-Mer grows, an island-reserve Aridi, the Aldabra atoll where you can watch the large colony of sea turtles.
Seychelles Seychelles Seychelles
Seychelles Seychelles Seychelles
Seychelles Seychelles Seychelles


Prices in the Seychelles (useful to know):

Approximate price for food in the Seychelles

  • Modest: 7 $ -10 $
  • Moderate: 10 $ -15 $
  • Expensive: 15 $ 25
  • Luxurious: $ 25 and above

Approximate prices for hotels for one night in the Seychelles

  • Modest: 55 $ -80 $
  • Moderate: $ 80 $ -110
  • Expensive: $ 110 $ -160
  • Luxurious: $ 160 and above

Holidays in the Seychelles belong to the category of expensive. If you do not live in expensive hotels, don`t take expensive excursions, and eat modestly, you can live for 55 dollars a day. If you do not want to limit yourself, you have to pay about $ 100 a day, so you can go diving, eating at the secondary level restaurants and live in good hotels. VIP tourism is widely developed here.


Cuisine in the Seychelles: 


 Because of the isolated geographical position of the archipelago and the mixing of nations Creole cuisine is very specific. Its main ingredients are seafood, fish, meat, octopus, meat of bats, coconut and of course, plenty of different fruits: coconut, mango tree fruits, bananas, papaya, avocados, melons, fruits, zither, breadfruit, korossoli, pineapple, sugar cane, orange, lemon and grapefruit.


The most popular dish on Seychelles is pwason ek diri - fish with rice. Here is the list of other popular dishes – soup of tekteka, banana katkat, stewed breadfruit, octopus, stew bat, Shatin from sharks. For dessert, order the coconut nougat glace or bilimbi. Popular non alcoholic drink is dite zitronel - tincture of lemon mint. From spirits - local beer Sabre or feces, fermented coconut juice.

Seychelles Seychelles Seychelles
Seychelles Seychelles Seychelles

Seychelles Seychelles Seychelles


What to buy in the Seychelles 

  • sea coconut Coco de Mer, or liquor of it (better to buy on the island of Praslin, the estimated price - U.S. $ 200). Necessary condition for exportation - tax stamps and checks.
  • models of sailing ships
  • shells and corals
  • T-shirts, hats and shawls

Don’t forget that prices are more expensive on Seyshelles than in other tourist countries, bargaining is not welcome. Buying all "natural" gift demand a check.

Seychelles Seychelles Seychelles

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