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Official Name: Ukraine;

Capital of Ukraine: Kiev;

Area of Ukraine: 603,628 sq. km. miles.;

Geographical Location: Eastern Europe;

Climate of Ukraine: temperate continental and Mediterranean;

Population: 45.7 million;

The biggest cities: Kiev, Kharkov, Dnepropetrovsk, Odessa;

Ethnic groups: Ukrainians - 77.8%, Russian - 17.3%, Byelorussians - 0.6%, Moldavians - 0.5%, other - 4%;

Language: Ukrainian;

Religion: Orthodoxy, Catholicism, Protestantism;

Currency of Ukraine: Hryvnia (UAH, code 980);

Internet domain of Ukraine: .ua, .

Telephone code: +380;

Local Time: UTC +2.

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Flag of Ukraine 


Map of Ukraine 


Coat of arms of Ukraine 


Information about Ukraine

Ukraine is proud of its rich history and many monuments, which evidence of its prosperity and development, have been preserved and attracting travelers from all over the world. Ukraine is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe, tourists are impressed with its brilliant architectural, artistic, cultural and spiritual heritage: palaces (Vorontsov, Livadia, Bakhchisarai, Massandra); churches, admiring with their greatness (Kiev Caves, Foros Church, Vladimirsky Cathedral); the fortress, striking with their inaccessibility (reserve "Khortytsya" (Zaporozia), Khotyn Fortress (Hawtin in Chernivtsi region)). Architectural monuments of Ukraine reflect the important events of the history - the struggle with the nomadic tribes, the adoption of Christianity, the Cossack Baroque and also don`t forget to watch the great works of modern architects.


Ukraine Ukraine Ukraine


The geographical position of Ukraine 

Ukraine is located in Eastern Europe. It borders with Russia in the North and East, with Belarus in the North-West, with Moldova in the South-West, with Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania in the West. In the South, it is washed by the Black Sea, in the South-East - by the Sea of Azov.
Most of the territory is flat; exceptions are the Carpathian Mountains (Goverla, 2061 m) in the West and the Crimean Mountains (Roman-Kosh, 1545 m) on the Crimean peninsula. A few hills (Volyn, Podolia, and Dnieper) and rock outcrops occupy less than 5% of the country. The total area is 603, 7 thousand square meters. (Crimea - 27 thousand square meters. km.).

The capital of Ukraine is Kyiv with population of over 2 million 800 thousand.

Photos of Ukraine

Ukraine Ukraine Ukraine
Ukraine Ukraine Ukraine


The climate of Ukraine

Mostly, the climate is temperate continental. Exception is the southern coast of Crimea, it has subtropical Mediterranean climate.

The average January temperature ranges from -8 C to +4, +8 C (in the South of the Crimea). In July from +18 to +24 C. The greatest number of rainfall is in the mountains: in the Carpathians - up to 1600 mm. In the Crimean mountains is 1000 - 1200 mm. In the north-western territory of Ukraine is to 600-700 mm. a year, but in the south-east - up to 300 mm. Basically, from autumn to winter.


Flora and Fauna of Ukraine 

Ukraine is rich in the diversity of flora and fauna. Ukraine`s flora includes more than 30 thousand species (about 400 of them in the Red Book). It includes fungi - more than 15 thousand, vascular plants - more than 6.5 thousand species, algae - about four thousand species, lichens - over a thousand, bryophytes - almost 800. Forests in Ukraine take more than 16% of the area (mainly coniferous and mixed). Nowadays the most territory of steppes is plowed. Some pristine areas of the steppe are under protection of reserves.

Fauna of Ukraine includes almost 45 thousand species. On the territory of Ukraine live such animals as wild boar, bison, deer, bear, elk, lynx, and wild forest cat. There are also many species of birds (especially at the Black and Azov Seas). Ukraine has 16 nature reserves, 11 national parks, 4 biosphere reserves and numerous parks.

Ukraine Ukraine Ukraine
Ukraine Ukraine Ukraine
Ukraine Ukraine Ukraine
Ukraine Ukraine Ukraine


History of Ukraine 

The first settlements on the territory of modern Ukraine appeared in the early Paleolithic.
From III to VI centuries. BC, during the great migration of peoples the Middle Dniester was settled by Slavic tribes. Later (in IX), The Union of Slavic tribes  developed into Kievan Rus - ancient Russian feudal state. It flourished in the X - the beginning of XI century.

In the XII century, Rus was divided into a number of separate principalities. In the XIII century the southern part of the ancient Rus was attacked by the Tatars, who took possession of the South under the banner of the Golden Horde.

From the XVI century the country was named Ukraine. In the period from XVI to XVII  Ukraine suffered from constant robberies and attacks of the Polish-Lithuanian, which led to the War in 1648 - 54 years.
Declaration of State Sovereignty of Ukraine was adopted in July 1990, and in June 1991 the Supreme Soviet of the Ukrainian SSR has established a presidential republic.

Ukraine Ukraine Ukraine


Culture of Ukraine 

The rich history of Ukraine, it's geographic location with the economic features have influenced on the uniqueness and diversity of Ukrainian culture, as well as on the emergence  a lot of ethno-cultural regions. Each region of Ukraine is characterized by its own traditions, architecture, folk culture and sometimes religion and language. For example, as a result of the historical union of the western regions with Catholic Poland, the local population mostly belongs to the Roman Catholic and Greek Catholic churches. Folklore of these regions also has much in common with the cultures of Poland and Hungary. The largest Muslim community lives in the Crimea. This is where you can meet the Crimean Tatars, who are Muslim. The people, who live in the eastern provinces, are under the influence of Russian culture and language, in Volyn and Lviv region Ukrainian language is mixed with Polish words, and in the Carpathian region – with Hungarian, in Chernivtsi - with Romanian.
Ukraine Ukraine Ukraine
Ukraine Ukraine Ukraine
Ukraine Ukraine Ukraine


Куда поехать в Украине
During many centuries the architectural sights had been building on the territory of Ukraine – beginning from Scythian and Greek graves, ending with masterpieces of classical architecture. These attractions are scattered all over the country and can be seen not only in big cities but also in small towns.

Kiev is the city which attracts the most tourists. The architecture of the capital is diverse - in the city you will see both high hills and the busy streets with houses and parks. In Kiev you should see: St. Sophia Cathedral (XI century. in the XVII century – was rebuilt), the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra (XI cent.) - the most ancient monastery in Kiev Rus, the Church of Spas on Berestove (end XI - beginning of XII centuries.), Golden Gate (the fragment of castle walls of XI century), St. Cyril's Church (XII century)., many churches and buildings of the baroque style (XVII century), the structures, which represent the classical era, such as monument in honor of the Magdeburg Law (beginning of the XIX c.), St. Vladimir's Cathedral (nineteenth century). Vydubychi Monastery (the end of the XI century.), the church-rotunda at Askold grave (the beginning of XIX c.), University (mid-nineteenth century), Museum of Ukrainian Fine Arts (the beginning of the twentieth.), opera house (early twentieth century.), the State Bank (the beginning of the twentieth century). It is very interesting to walk on the streets and squares of the city - Independence Square, Andrew's descent, Khreshchatyk. Visit also numerous museums - the Museum of Ukrainian Fine Art, Folk Decorative Art, Western and Eastern Art Museum, the National Museum. Shevchenko National Museum, open-air museum in Pirogovo, museum of medical history and archeology, Kiev-Pechersk State Historical and Cultural Reserve, One Street Museum, Museum of Art named after Bogdan and Varvara Hahnenkamm, the Museum of the Great Patriotic War, Center for Contemporary Art at NaUKMA, historical and architectural monument-museum "Kyiv Fortress", and numerous art galleries and exhibitions.


The second biggest city in Ukraine is Kharkiv. It is not only the second-largest city in Ukraine, but also the second capital of Ukraine in the early years of the Soviet Union: Kharkiv was the capital of the Ukrainian Republic in the USSR (from 1918 to 1934). Kharkiv is located in the eastern part of Ukraine. Victory Square in Kharkiv is worth visiting, because it is the biggest in Europe. Concerts and fairs are anually held there. Kharkiv is also a big cultural center of Eastern Ukraine. Architectural monuments of the city - Cathedral of the Assumption (XIX c.), Annunciation Cathedral (end of XIX c. - the beginning of the twentieth century), Pokrovsky Cathedral (mid XVI century), Bishop's House (the beginning of the nineteenth century), Derzhprom (the beginning of the twentieth century).


Lviv is ancient city, founded by Prince Danilo Galitsky. It is one of the most ancient and beautiful cities in Ukraine. For a long time it was a part of Poland and Austria-Hungary, so no wonder that the architectural ensemble in the center resembles a medieval European city. Even houses in the center were built in the Baroque or Renaissance. It is interesting to visit the Castle hill. In the past it was used as a strong defensive structure - high castle, nowadays only fragments remain of the wall. From Castle Hill you can enjoy a great view of the old part of town.
Many cozy cafes offer coffee of all sorts, and restaurants will delight you with national dishes of Ukrainian cuisine. Lvov and its surrounding area is full of castles and fortresses. All of them belong to the tourist route "Golden Horseshoe of Ukraine".
One of the most beautiful and large cities of Ukraine is Lviv. It can be described as an open air museum. In this western city you can find two thousand historical, cultural and architectural attractions. In the center there is the City Hall (1381 - 1827.), it elegantly emphasizes the other buildings and has been chosen to the symbol of the city "Lvov". From two sides near the entrance to City Hall are sitting two lions, holding in the paws a boards with emblem of the city. Other worth visiting sights are - Liberty Avenue, Mickiewicz Square, Opera House, the Power Tower, the Church of St. Nicholas, the royal city arsenals, the Cathedral, the Armenian cathedral and the monastery, a Dominican church, Bernardine church and monastery and palaces Lubomirski, Potocki and Kornyakta.


Carpathian Mountains - one of the most beautiful places in Ukraine. Original mountain villages have preserved the national traditions. Mountains and "polonyny" (coniferous forests with high smereks), national folklore, sheep cheese and "kolyby" (mountain cafe) will meet you in that hospitable land. In winter the Carpathian Mountains is the center of the ski tourism. Ski resorts are equipped with slopes and lifts of the European level. The best ski resorts are located in Bukovel, Dragobrat, and Volosyanka Slavske. Clean air and healing mineral and thermal springs have contributed to the development of medical tourism. In many health centers of Carpathians you can get treatment and prevention of a number of serious diseases, particularly in resorts - Morshyn, Yaremche, Truskavets and Svalyava.

Zakarpattia is very beautiful region of Ukraine. Culture of this region has formed under the influences of many countries. All the architectural styles are represented there from wooden architecture to more modern styles (late XIX - early XX centuries): Wood and stone churches, the mighty medieval houses, palaces, churches and monasteries. Zakarpattia is well known for its located in the hills, castles and feudal fortresses (X - XV cc.), which was built to protect the cities. There are 12 castles in the area. Some of them are: Uzhgorod Castle, Mukachevo castle "Palanok", Khotyn fortress, Nevitsky Castle, Castle Kamenetz-Podolsk, Lutsk castle, Zolochiv castle.
In Uzhgorod in the period from late April to early May - do not forget to watch the cherry blossom (ornamental trees, which tend to grow and blossom in Japan). Near the river UZH along the street there is the so-called Sakurova alley - there you will enjoy the wonderful view. Surprisingly, Uzhgorod - is the only city in the CIS countries, where the Sakura has adopted to the environment and bloom each year, Sakura trees were brought to Uzhgorod from Vienna in 1923.
Zaporozye is big industrial city; industrial area of the city sometimes reminds the scenery of the film "Stalker". But in this industrial city there is also unique natural and historical reserves, especially its historical center - the island of Khortytsya. Khortytsya Island - an island - an oasis of Cossack culture, and culture of Ukraine at all. Zaporozhye and the Island of Khortytsya - is the historic center of the ancient culture of the Cossacks and the autonomous cossak "state" - "Zaporizhian Sich". On the island the life of the Cossacks has been reconstructed and historical church and house have been restored. "Taras Bulba" was filmed here. The island was visited by Queen Catherine and Peter the first. Each square meter is covered with legends and tales. Many hunters are looking for treasures of their ancestors here.
Donetsk is a major industrial center of eastern Ukraine. The city is only 140 years old, relatively young, but it can definitely offer something interesting. The stadium "Donbass-Arena" is the best stadium in Eastern Europe, which is also included to the top 10 football stadiums of the European continent and the world. We recommend you to see the Savior Transfiguration Cathedral - the largest church in Donetsk and go to the park of forged shapes. The international festival of blacksmithing skills is annually held there. The best works are left in the park as a gift to the city. The park of fairy tales is located nearby; it has many carved out of linden and hornbeam solid wooden sculptures of fantastic heroes. Stroll along the main Artema Street
. It has a lot of modern buildings and monuments. Among them: the hotel "Donbass Palace", a drama and opera theaters, a cinema, Shevchenko Krupskaya Library, and others. If you want a break from the bustle of the city, the Donetsk Botanical Garden is for you. Here you can watch: hundreds of flowers, dozens of citrus, date palms, fig trees, vines, eucalyptus, and much more.

Chernihiv is very ancient town. It was the second largest city after Kiew during the middle Ages (at the time of Kievan Rus' state). In the "Chronicle" and in all historical documents of the time, Chernihiv was in second place after Kiev, which underlines the special status and importance of this city of Kievan Rus. At the time of Kievan Rus Chernihiv was one of the great and powerful cities. According to the administrative division it was the center of Chernihiv principality. At that time Chernihiv with population of over 40,000 people was one of the biggest cities in Europe.
If Kiev is considered the "Mother of Russian cities", Chernihiv is called the "Father of Russian cities". If you came to visit the ancient city of Kiev, its historic sight and churches, be sure to take a trip to the city of Chernihiv, which is only 140 kilometers away from Kiev: just a half hour (1 hour 45 minutes) bus ride from Kiev - and you are already in the second historical significance city  Chernihiv. Sometimes traveling within Kiev takes even more time than a trip from Kiev to  Chernihiv.
On the territory of Chernihiv there is a very large number of historical, architectural and cultural monuments, the ancient trees, Boldin hills with an ancient historical underground cave-church complex, the caves of Trinity Cathedral and Saint Elias Monastery. Chernihiv is a city of ancient Christian Orthodox churches and temples. There are more than 15 churches and monasteries there. Among them are: Holy Trinity Cathedral, Ilyinsky Monastery, Uspensky Cathedral, Eletski Monastery and Transfiguration Cathedral. All these churches were built in the 11th century AD. You can also visit: Pyatnitskaya and Boris and Gleb Church (12th century). Dominican Catholic monastery is located in Boris and Gleb Church. The Holy Trinity Cathedral has the holy relics of St. Theodosius, patron saint of Chernigov (who died in 1696).
In Chernihiv first of all visit the "Rampart" ("Val") and "Red Square". It is a historical part of the city, where you can find the historic center of Chernigov "Detinets" as well as a green park and many ancient Orthodox churches. Do not forget to go on an excursion to the caves on the
 Boldin  Hills. In these caves there is the ancient church and monastery, which was dug and founded in 1069 by Saint Anthony. Some eyewitnesses tell that they have seen in the ancient ghosts of monk in caves. Also in the caves there a special place in the corner where you can find a  strong power position - an anomaly, if you stay there for a while with  eyes closed, you can  lose control and fall down.
For people who are interested in antiquity and the history of Kievan Rus - the Chernihiv city will be a real delight. Unlike in Kiev, there is an special ancient atmosphere in Chernihiv,  which has been  existing since the time of Kievan Rus has been preserved.
Odessa is unique southern city of Ukraine, world capital of humor and satire. The city is connected with life of such great persons as Duke de Richelieu, Deribas, Pushkin and Kuprin. Among the attractions it is necessary to see the monument to Duke,  Oper  House (one of the most beautiful in the world), the Potemkin Steps. Take a walk to the Deribasovskaya street and Primorsky Boulevard. Odessa is not only a beautiful resort and tourist center, but also the center of humor. Especially interesting to visit Odessa on the day of fools Humorina (April 1). Near Odessa there is the city Belgorod- Dnestrovskiy, built near the ancient Greek settlement. It is worth visiting Akkerman Church and Genoese castle with twenty towers there. We recommend you to go to, located in the Danube Delta, village Vilkovo. It is also called the Venice of Ukrainian. Since the most popular transportation here is a boat. The Danube Biosphere Reserve is located also here.
Those who are interested in ancient history should visit the National Archeological Park on the shore of the Burg`s estuary near the village  Parutino, Ochakiv region of Nikolaev region. The ruins of Olbia - one of the largest ancient cities in the Northern Black Sea are located here. The city had been existing for almost a thousand years from the sixth century BC to fourth century AD.
For fans of nature and wildlife, it is very interesting to visit the Biosphere Reserve "Askania Nova" in the Kherson region. It is home to rare species of birds and animals, including antelope and Przewalski's horse Kahn.

Crimea is a rare combination of various landscapes and different types of climate conditions on a relatively small area. The peninsula has many natural wonders - Cape Aya, Bay New World, volcanic massif of Kara-Dagh, Ayu-Dag Mountain, Yalta, the Crimean Mountains, the Grand Canyon, Balaklava Bay, Cape Marian sanctuary, waterfalls Wuchang-Su and Dzhurdzhur, Demerdji and Chatyrdag . On the territory of Yalta there are reserves and Nikita Botanical Garden. Among the man-made monuments we should mention Crimean museum , the Kerch Hersonesky historical and archaeological museum, the royal palaces in Livadia and Massandra, Yalta, the Vorontsov Palace in Alupka, Palace Dulber in Miskhor, "Swallow's nest" fortress, Khan's palace and the old buildings in Bakhchisarai, Genoese fortress in Sudak and Balaklava.


The city of Chernobyl, Pripyat and Chernobyl zone. All these regions are located on the administrative territory of the Exclusion Zone ("Chernobyl Zone"), which officially has not been populated since 1986 (when on the April 26, 1986 the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant (NPP) in the city of Pripyat took place). According to the world-renowned magazine "Forbes", the Chernobyl area and the town of Pripyat are the most exotic places for tourism in the world.  No wonder, since the Chernobyl zone is “died” area -  people  left entire town, streets,  and multistoried houses during the evacuation in 1986 and nowadays the all city is empty.
The number of tourists in Chernobyl has increased after appearing of the computer game "Stalker" (or "S.T.A.L.K.E.R.") from the Ukrainian company developer of computer games "GSC Game World". The first known game of this company is the game "Cossacks", which gave world fame to the company around and the computer game "Stalker" brought the company to the leading position as the most successful software developers of computer games. With development of the game more and more tourists from all over the World visit Chernobil zone. No wonder, as this video game was created by real objects, areas and landscapes, as well, there is some story line interwoven with real events that occurred in the Chernobyl zone.
According to the law of Ukraine it is forbidden to live in the Chernobyl zone, but unofficially a small group of local people, which has not left the zone after the evacuation, lives there. In addition, some people, office stuff and workers of the Station, live and work there. According to official sources the number of officially employed in the area is about 5,000 people, of whom 3,000 live in the town of Slavutych (it is officially part of the Kiev region, but is completely surrounded by the region of Chernihiv), and 2,000 people in the area not only work, but also temporarily live near the station (during the business trip).
It should be noted that, despite the terrible technological accident, which occurred here in 1986, the flora and fauna in the exclusion zoneis in blossom. Grass, shrubs and trees are taking place of the former city. Surprisingly, but the Chernobyl zone is inhabited by a very large number of wild animals, birds and fish. The number of them is even more than in any other part of Ukraine. Most likely, it was a result of people evacuation from 30-kilometer (radius) of the region. So the Chernobyl zone has become such a free island of refuge for many plants and animals, where it is forbidden to pick berries, fish or shoot animals. In the Chernobyl zone you can see such animals such as  Przewalski horse, elk, wolves, bears, foxes, hares, field mice, cat fish (in ponds), storks and many other animal species. We should also note an interesting fact about the flora of the Chernobyl zone:  in the exclusion zone, scientists have identified an abnormal mutation of earthworms, which are normally hermaphrodites, but after the nuclear disaster in this area they were divided into males and females.
If you are a fan of the computer game "Stalker", diggers or just want to make an exotic trip - we recommend you to visit the town of Pripyat and the Chernobyl zone. However, it is important to know that you can go there by your own car, as the zone is closed, so you need to   order a special guided tour to the Chernobyl zone in tourism agency which provides a service trip to the Chernobyl zone. The minimum cost of such trip is 450 hryvnia (or 56 dollars).
Visiting the exclusion zone is not as dangerous as you can think, despite of the most polluting nuclear explosion in the world (at a nuclear power station "Chernobyl"). The accident took place more than 26 years ago, so the radiation level has fallen markedly there, and some parts of the Exclusion Zone are totally free from radio emission. It should be noted that all hiking trails are laid on safe route, where the radiation level is the smallest (which is not dangerous to your health). If you follow this advice and follow the guide created route - you get radiation no more than the radioactive emission dose received by aircraft passengers during transcontinental flight.

Ukraine Ukraine Ukraine


What to see in Ukraine    

Ukraine has so large cultural, historical and natural potential that every tourist can easily find something interesting for himself. In Crimea you can not only relax on the beaches of the Black Sea, but also visit the ancient ruins of towns - Panticapaeum in Kerch and Tavria Chersonese in Sevastopol, built by the ancient Greeks (the middle of I millennium BC). It is also recommended to see such great architectural monuments as Crimean palace "Swallow's Nest" in Gaspra and the Vorontsov Palace in AlupkaVyshnevetsky Palace in Ternopil region and the Potemkin Stairs (Odessa). Having visited the medieval castles of Western Ukraine - Walled City in Kamenetz-Podolsk, Lubart castle in Lutsk, Khotyn fortress, and others - you can imagine how people lived at the time of knights and kings. Nature lovers should visit Biosphere Reserve "Askania-Nova" (Kherson region), the national "Sofiyivka" in Uman (Cherkasy region), as well as the park "Alexandria" in the Belaya Tserkva (Kyiv region).
If you are interested in sights which are created by nature, the most famous are the Marble Cave (Crimea), the Danube Biosphere Reserve (Odessa area), Lake Sinevir (Zakarpattian region) and Svityaz (Volyn region), the Valley of daffodils (Zakarpattian region). It is also interesting to visit the temples of different religions and faiths, many of which have turned into historical and cultural monuments. For example, the complex Pochayiv Lavra in Ternopil region, or St. Sophia Cathedral in Kiev.

Ukraine Ukraine Ukraine
Ukraine Ukraine Ukraine


Football Championship UEFA EURO 2012

Of course, you've already heart that in Ukraine, as in Poland from June 8 to July 1, 2012 is holding the biggest European football championship "UEFA EURO 2012". If you are a true football fan, be sure not to miss this event and to visit it in Ukraine.
Championship in Ukraine will be held in the four cities: Kiev (football stadium NSK "Olympic"), Lviv (stadium "Arena Lions"), Kharkov ("Metalist") and Donetsk (the stadium "Donbass Arena").
The price level in Ukraine is not very large, so visiting the Euro 2012 Championship will cost reasonable money. But unfortunately there is a significant increase in housing prices in the capital (Kiev) for the period of the championship. Therefore we recommend you the cheaper accommodation in nearby cities-satellites of championship, such as cities Nizhyn or Chernihiv. Prices for accommodation in this city are quite low. For instance, Chernihiv can be reached by car in just half an hour (140 km) and Nizhyn for about the same time.
If you did not book tickets for this championship, you can quickly and easily buy tickets for Euro 2012 on another site. Honesty and reliability of this source of football tickets is guaranteed by the administration of our tourism site.


What to do in Ukraine   As a travel destination Ukraine is becoming more and more popular among tourists. Ukraine is a beautiful country with interesting traditions and unique culture. It takes the 8th place in the list of most tourism attracting countries in the world. Here there are some ideas for what to do for tourists in Ukraine:

  • Cycling. Cycling is very popular in Ukraine. Those who love extreme will be able to ride through the mountains on a mountain bike; other tourists can ride on the flat part of Ukraine. You should not have any problems with renting bikes, because cycling is so popular that you can find many hire offices in almost each city.
  • Skiing. Those who are fond of winter sports will be happy in the Carpathians. It has snow cover from November to April. In the mountains there are many ski routes of different length and complexity. The most popular ski resorts are in Bukovel, Dragobrat, Slavske or Vorokhta. In summer, you can ride a quad bike, horse, go hiking to the mountains or  go rafting down the river.
  • Climbing the Hoverla. If you have a big wish to conquer the highest mountain of Ukraine - the slopes of Goverly are at your service. At the top you will admire the breathtaking views, and you will be overflowing with pride that you were able to climb the mountain with height of 2061 meters. Despite the climbing route is not of difficult level, but not everyone can conquer it.
  • Crimean beaches, water parks. Aquapark Koktebel can offer tourists 24 different roller coasters. Among them, nearly half for children. Water Park "Blue Bay" has 11 delightful attractions that will give you an incredible feeling, and will be remembered for a lifetime! Aquapark in Sevastopol equipped with a 15 f rollers both for adults and children.
  • Diving. Divers are advised to visit the Cape Aiya, which is often called the "Lost World». Going down to the depth you can see with your own eyes the beauty of the underwater rocks. You do not need additional optical equipments, because the visibility near the reef is more than 20 meters.


Ukraine Ukraine Ukraine


Cuisine of Ukraine 

Among the Slavic cuisines Ukrainian is distinguished by its diversity and richness. Taking in account historical events, as well as the country's geographical position it is possible to trace the influence of the German, Hungarian, Lithuanian, Russian, Polish, Turkish, Tatar, and others cuisines.

  • Pork (especially fat or lard) is the most loved by all Ukrainians. It can be eaten raw, roasted, salted, smoked, braised, boiled, and it uses as the main ingredient for most of the dishes.
  • Ukrainian borscht is so popular dish that even included in the menu of international cuisine. In order to prepare the original borsch you should use up to 20 different ingredients, that is why it has so unique taste and the nutritional value.
  • Also Ukrainian cuisine has a big choice of fish and meat dishes.
  • Guests from other countries surely will like dumplings with different fillings: potato, cottage cheese, the cabbage and in summer – with different kinds of berries. Usually the dish sprinkled with sour cream or other sweet-milk products.
  • Lovers of sweet dishes will be also delighted with - a variety of cakes, biscuits, puhkeniki, Doughnut, apple pies and cookies.
  • Ukrainian cuisine has a big amount of good non-alcoholic drinks - kvass, jelly, muselets, uzvar (stewed fruit), and honey, as well as Ukrainian brandy - slivyanka, cherry, Ternovka, casserole. First-class wine, you can try in the Crimea and the Carpathians, and if you wish, you can buy also good champagne there.


Ukraine Ukraine Ukraine
Ukraine Ukraine Ukraine


What to buy in Ukraine 

For those who want to bring souvenirs from Ukraine here there are a few tips:

  • Bryl - an excellent straw hat, protecting from the sun heat. It has unique structure, and it is a true work of art.
  • Vyshyvanka – you can buy these colorful shirts, in almost every souvenir shop. The most popular among them is embroidered with "white on white" (a white cloth embroidered with white thread).
  • Embroidered Towel. Probably the best gift which you can bring from Ukraine. It is hand made tower and locals put their lot of love and labor, so it is a very beautiful and useful souvenir. It is perfect for decoration of walls in rooms, because it is works of art.
  • Doll motanka. Traditionally Ukrainians   have a lot of superstitions. The doll – motanka was believed to protect house from evil spirits. Now they are made as souvenirs. Basically it is unwounded from fabric scraps and decorated with the national embroidery. The main thing is that this gift will please not only children but also will be a pleasant memory of the trip for adults.
  • Women definitely enjoy Batik silk scarves.

Also in the souvenir shops of Ukraine you can buy:

  1. Wooden tankard;
  2. Things made of wool;
  3. Souvenirs made of wood;
  4. Pitcher (Glechik);
  5. Crimean teas;
  6. Cosmetics on the base of curative mud;
  7. Gorilka with pepper;
  8.  Lard.
Ukraine Ukraine Ukraine
Ukraine Ukraine Ukraine


Interesting Facts about Ukraine

  1. Metro station "Arsenalnaya» ranks first in the category of "the deepest subway stations in the world" Its depth is 105 meters;
  2. Khreshchatyk Street in the category “Main Street” is the shortest, but  it is very wide. It has often inspired artists on painting pictures. The length of this beautiful and famous street is 1225 meters. 
  3. Ukrainian language is called the most melodic after Italian. In Paris in 1934 the contest of languages was held, they were evaluated on these levels: phonetics, vocabulary, phraseology and sentence structure. The Ukrainian language was third in this competition, losing to the French and Persian languages.
  4. The legendary author of «Master and Margarita", Mikhail Bulgakov, wrote that «There is no city in the world, which is more beautiful than Kiev" and it is true – Kyiv is worth visiting.
  5. Locals of the village Rakhiv (Zakarpattian region) are very proud of their location because they are in the geographical center of Europe. 
  6. It is interesting that Ukrainians speak more words which begin with the letter "p". The most popular is the letter "o" and the rarest used letters are "f" and "g".
  7. How without Ukrainian McDonalds!  The most visited McDonald's in the world is located in Kyiv, near the railway station. Just last year it was visited by two million guests. 
  8. Ukraine can boast with the 90% of solved crimes in comparison with 30 - 40 % in Europe. 
  9. The world may envy the Ukrainian manganese ore reserves - 2.3 billion tons, about 11% of all deposits of the world. 7% of the world's reserves of iron ore.
  10. When the independence of Ukraine was proclaimed in 1991, the number of pigs was 19.4 million. Today, that number is 2 times smaller - 8.3 million. According to the statistics one Ukrainian eats 18 kg of pork a year, which casts doubt on the Ukrainian title of the biggest pig eaters, because it is three times smaller than the portion for the average German.



Ukraine is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe. It attracts million tourists from all over the world. Many tourists are impressed by its long history and unique culture. Here you can find many interesting things: the most valuable historic and cultural heritage, natural attractions, such as national parks and reserves. Every city in Ukraine has something interesting. And each tourist can find something interesting and new: sightseeing, tours, beaches, extreme sport and much more.

Ukraine Ukraine Ukraine
Ukraine Ukraine Ukraine

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