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Official name of country : "Jamaica";

Location: South East North America (The island surround Caribbean Sea);

Capital: Kingston;

Flag of Indonesia: three-colored, crosswise (Green, black, yellow);

Religion: Anglicanism, Baptistism and  Protestantism, Catholicism and Islamism;

Area: 11,100 square kilometers;

Climate: tropical tradewinds;

Population: 2500000 persons;

Language: English;

Ethnic groups: African - 90.9%, East Indian 1.3%, Chinese - 0.2%, white, 0.2%, mixed - 7.3%, others - 0.1%;

National holiday: Independence Day (August 6);

Currency: Jamaican dollar (JMD, code of currency 388);

Internet domain: .jm

Telephone code: +1876;

Time zone:  -5;

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Flag of Jamaica


Map of Jamaica


Coat of arms of Jamaica


About Jamaica

Jamaica is a tropical island on the Caribbean Sea. In the past  it was a residence of pirates, nowadays is a tourist paradise. It has  the world's class beaches with crystal blue water and golden sand, reefs, beautiful waterfalls, modern cities and ancient fishing villages, wetlands with  crocodiles and manatees. Admire the unique culture of the local residents, listen to the rhythms of "reggae" and enjoy the mountain scenery and wonderful beaches. 

Jamaica Jamaica Jamaica


Geographical position and history of Jamaica

Jamaica is an island nation that belongs to the Greater Antilles in the Caribbean. Its neighbors are Haiti, the Dominican Republic and Cuba. The history and culture of the country has been influenced   by  countries invaders. First there were settlers from Spain, who  the name to the colony "Santiago", and then the British colonialists, renamed it into "Jamaica".
Arawaks and settlers from South America were the first peoples in Jamaica, who had occupied its territory between 4000 and 1000 BC. European exploration of the island began after its discovery by Christopher Columbus in 1494. According to one version, he landed in the “Dry Port”, which is now called "Discovery Bay", according to another - in St. Anne.  There was the first Spanish settlement "Seville" not far from the Gulf of St. Anne. In 1655 the British army led by William Penn and General  Venables seized the last Spanish fort. It was the beginning of the new era for Jamaica. After victory of the British forces, the Spanish were forced to release the slaves and they fled into the mountains. These runaway slaves, known as the Jamaican negros, fought with the British for their independence during the 18th century. Free community was created in the mountains of Jamaica which was keeping its freedom and independence for many generations. So, first Spanish, then English  colonization, prosperity of slavery caused  a big mixing of races and nationalities. No wonder,  that life style of Jamaicans is much closer to Africa than to the neighboring Caribbean countries. It is interesting that at the beginning of the 19th century the black population exceeded the white population by 20 to 1.
After the abolition of the slavery in 1807, the British imported Chinese and Indian labor.

Jamaica Jamaica Jamaica


The climate of Jamaica

Climate of Jamaica - tropical tradewinds. Tropical maritime climate is typical for Jamaica. The average temperature is about 26 – 30 C  the year round.  Rains are short, so even in the rainy season ( from May to November) you can enjoy  the sun and hot weather. Hurricane season is from June to November. The Peak of hurricanes comes in August and September.


Where to go in Jamaica

1) Montego Bay is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Rich and famous people  prefer to have vacations here (including members of the royal family). This is a popular place for vip-tourism. Visit the nature reserve, where you can feed a hummingbird from your hands or swim in a canoe at the torchlight, the famous reggae festival  takes place here  every summer.
2) Ocho Rios or "Ochee" is the second largest tourist city. 700000 tourists come here every year, to enjoy the clean beaches and make cruising. This is the centre of water sports , tennis and golf. A Chakka Cove has the best conditions in the Caribbean for  the horse riding. There are beautiful waterfalls ( among them  the famous Danzou River Falls) and the Art Gallery here. Ocho Rios has numerous fruit and coffee plantations.
3) Negril is the city of the world's best beaches. If you're a fan of  beach activities and diving, it is right place for you. This is one of the most environmentally friendly resorts in the world - the buildings should not be above the treetops
4) We recommend  you to visit the town, "Appleton", which is home for the famous Jamaican rum.
5) Kingston is the capital and heart of Jamaica. Its political, commercial and cultural center. Visit the Hope Road 56, it was a house-studio of  legendary Bob Marley, now  it is used as a museum.
6) Port Antonio - was the first tourist destination in Jamaica, a place of inspiration for many writers and artists.
7) St. Elizabeth - known for its wonderful landscape. There are deserted beaches along the south coast with fishing villages and sandy coves among the rocks.

Jamaica Jamaica Jamaica


What to see in Jamaica

- Take part in exciting carnival. There you will find musicians and colorful dancers.  
- Visit the "Dolphin Cove" in "Ocho Rios" - this blue lagoon is a natural home for many dolphins. Communication and  swimming with these smart animals will give you unforgettable memories.
- We recommend you to take part in rafting on bamboo rafts on the Rio Grande River along the plantations of sugar cane and bananas.
- Visit a huge labyrinth of limestone caves on the northern coast of the island. Here you can find stalactites, stalagmites, rim rocks and underground lake.
- Take a walk in Mango grove and taste different types of mangoes.
- We recommend you to go to the Milky River and to take  healing and relaxing bath.

Jamaica Jamaica Jamaica


Nightlife In  tourist cities nightlife starts after 12. Enjoy the Caribbean parties. Reggae and calypso music, hot dancing, exotic food and rum make the Caribbean a party fun and memorable event.


Your expenses (it is useful to know) Expenses in Jamaica depends on your lifestyle, but not less than $35 per day.  At the street sellers you can buy pies for $ 1, and meat dishes for $ 2. Dinner at a restaurant will cost from $ 10 to $ 60. Renting a car - $ 45 per day. The cheapest accommodation can be found for $ 20, while a room in hotels - from $ 60 - $ 150 (and in the luxury hotels from $ 300 per day). In low season (from mid-April to mid-December) prices decrease significantly. In winter (from early December until mid-April) prices rise, the peak of it comes at Christmas and Easter.


Holidays in Jamaica 1) "Dzhonkanu" (from the English "Jonkonnu") - is a traditional celebration dedicated to Christmas, during  this holiday the  streets are full of people in colorful costumes. This holiday originally came from West Africa, and it was popular holiday in the life of slaves.
2) "Maroon Day" - is celebrated annually in January, 6th . This holiday is  the celebration of   Captain Maroona Cujo`s birthday, who defeated the English army. different festivals are held on this day, take part in it and observe the traditional singing and dancing.
3) "Independence Day" is  a public holiday, which is celebrated in August, 6th.


Jamaican cuisine Jamaica is famous for its culinary art. Do not forget that Jamaica is an island of mixed nationalities, each of them has brought its own contribution to the culinary arts. The Spanish Jews brought the escovitch fish, in the era of British colonialism appeared "The Jamaican Patty '(bread with sharply seasoned meat - it is called the local hamburger).
 The oriental influence came with Chineses and Indians one centure later. Eastern Curry was added to the local dishes from meat, chicken and seafood. So, for the Jamaican cuisine is  typical of using rice and peas, cooked in coconut milk. National dish is "Ackee Saltfish". "Ackee" - a local fruit which is  unique for Jamaica. it is poisonous untill its full maturity. Also a great variety of meat dishes and bread are available here.
"Ackee saltfish" - the national dish of the local fruit, the taste and resembles an egg.
"Bammy" - fried bread, served with fried fish.
"Bulla" - spicy rolls.
"Cowcod soup" - includes bananas, pepper and white rum.
"Karri kosa" - a meat dish.
"Duckanno" - the recipe was brought from Africa. This dessert is made from cornmeal, coconut, spices and brown sugar, everything is wrapped in a banana leaf.
"Escovitch fish" - fried fish marinated with vinegar and spices.
"Gizzada" - coconut cake.

Jamaica Jamaica Jamaica
Jamaica Jamaica Jamaica


What to buy in Jamaica

Wooden souvenirs especially made of Jamaican national tree and ironwood tree of life. One of the main souvenirs is the Jamaican rum (alcoholic beverage). You can buy it at any souvenir or a liquor store. Coffee (as "Blue Mountain" or the less expensive "High Mountain") are sold in souvenir shops.



Interesting facts about Jamaica

  1. Jamaica is the first country in the Western Hemisphere, where the railroad was built.
  2. Jamaica - the first Caribbean country which became independent.
  3. Jamaica`s national football team became the first team of English-speaking Caribbean countries participating in the World Cup. It was in 1998.
  4. Jamaica is the third in the list of countries whose representatives had the most Miss World titles!
  5. Jamaica was the first producer of bananas and rum on a commercial basis in the Western Hemisphere.
  6. Manchester Golf Club in Jamaica, founded in 1868, is the oldest club in the western hemisphere!
  7. After the United States, Jamaica has won the most world and Olympic medals.
  8. Twins are born in Jamaica more often than in other countries.
  9. Jamaica was the first tropical country to participate in the Winter Olympic Games.
  10. Jamaica has the second-largest butterfly in the world - big Swallowtail butterfly.



Jamaica  is a colorful tropical island in the Caribbean Sea. In the past it was a residence of  pirates, nowadays is  a true paradise for tourists and vip-tourists. Here you can find the best beaches with crystal blue water and white sand, reefs, beautiful waterfalls, modern and comfortable cities with luxury hotels and ancient small fishing villages. It's  a great holiday destination for vip-tourists.
This tropical paradise is located in the  south-eastern part of the North American region. Jamaica is the third big island (10 991 km ²) in the Greater Antilles. It is  located to the west of Haiti and south of Cuba. The climate of Jamaica is almost the same all year round (with some exceptions).  It has wetlands , which is home for crocodiles and manatees. The coastline of the island has beautiful beaches with golden sand. The Caribbean Sea, which washes the island from all sides - is crystal clear and  wonderful for swimming and diving.  There are many ways how to spend unforgettable holidays in Jamaica.

Jamaica Jamaica Jamaica

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